What are the Different Types of Literature

What are the Different Types of Literature? | Literary Genre

Over history, we have developed diverse ways to share our feelings and thoughts. Similarly, writers use different types of literature to convey different moods, emotions, compassion, and ideas to the readers. Every writer has his own way of telling the story. It is only these different types of literature that allow us different experiences even by reading the same story. 

For example, the story of the American war of independence is the same. But the experience you will have after reading ‘The Radicalism of the American Revolution’ by Gordon S. Wood cannot be matched to the experience of reading ‘The American War of Independence’ by Peter Wells.

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Without understanding different types of literature, it is difficult to figure out the niche of your story.  So let’s discuss them in brief.


Drama contains the writings with the intent of being performed. They have shaped our literature with customs, love, heartbreak, death, and life. Thus these types of literature are useful for play, opera, ballet, etc. The traditions of drama reside in Ancient Greece. For example, Rome and Juliet. 


Comics are the combination of both text and images. At first, comics were useful to convey messages through images only. But now graphic novels are the more extended version of fictional and non-fictional comics. It typically takes panels of images. Some examples of comics are the Infinity Gauntlet or marvel comics. 


This type of literature emphasizes the aesthetic elements of language like rhythm and meter. Poetry allows us to explore the beauty of language. Being the traditional form of writing, it uses conventions to suggest differential interpretations of words. Some examples of poetry are Sonnets of William Shakespeare and Beowulf. Learn how to write poetry in simple steps


Non-fiction provides readers to deal with factual events and different experiences. It can be any type of literature that represents truth and accuracy regarding any fact or information. Biographies, essays, and memoirs are examples or non-fictions. 


The roots of this type of literature lie in the folks. It uses legendary “tall tales” to give moral lessons. Generally, it features animals, legendary creatures, or inanimate objects. Some examples of fable are Aesop’s Illustrated fables and Little Red Riding Hood. 


These stories enable readers to enjoy fear. The primary purpose is to elicit fear for entertainment.  These types of literature use different elements of literature to provoke fear in the audience—for example,  The Shining. 

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