What is Data Science

What is Data Science and How It Works? | Beginners’ Guide

Data science is evolving as the most demanding career path for skilled professionals. That is why students are often amused to know what data science is?  What do data scientists do? So today, we’ll discuss all these questions here. Let’s understand this in-depth.

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What is Data Science? 

Data science is one of the interdisciplinary fields that uses algorithms, scientific methods, and different systems to extract knowledge.  All the core data stores in the warehouses. We can build advanced capabilities with it. So data science is using this raw data in more creative ways. For example, Netflix mines movies data to understand what users’ interests are. 

4 Pillars of Data Science Expertise

There are four pillars of data science expertise. It uses different techniques and theories drawn from the following fields, also known as pillars of data science.

  • Business (domain)
  • Mathematics (statistics and probability)
  • Computer Science (software)
  • Communication (written and verbal)

Who is a Data Scientist?

Based on the pillars mentioned above, a data scientist uses existing data sources to synthesize large amounts of information. These data scientists have to perform the following tasks:

  • Identify the data analytics problem. 
  • Collecting large sets of information or data
  • Clean and ensure data accuracy.
  • Communicate findings to stakeholders

Use of Data Science

The following are some use of data science:

  • Fraud and risk detection in banks
  • Medical image analysis
  • Biological research like genetics, genomics, and drug development 
  • Internet search and targeted advertising
  • Recognition applications like speech and image recognition

Skills Needed To Become Data Scientists

The following are different skills that you should have to become a data scientist in the future:

Expertise in Mathematics

Being a data scientist, you should have qualitative lenses to view data. It means you should have expertise in mathematics. So you should know inferential techniques and machine learning algorithms based on linear algebra. 

Awareness of Technology

Let’s be clear. If you have to work on the computer all day long, then you should be aware of the latest technology to enhance your knowledge. You must have technical skills because data scientists have to wrangle enormous data sets and work with different algorithms. 

Strong Business Tactics

Data scientists need to know business tactics as they have to make a precise alignment between data science and business goals. So they must know how to solve core business problems. 

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