What Are the 7 Branches of Science Science Guide

What Are the 7 Branches of Science | Science Guide

Science is a systematic way of experimenting in studying the natural world. Humans are always curious to find patterns in the world, also ways through which we can explain these natural patterns. Thus science is all about creating a hypothesis, then collecting data to test that hypothesis. That is why science has been divided into different branches to testify to different subjects. Here we’ll discuss what the seven branches of science are. 

Learn what the seven main branches of science which we use in our daily life are. 


Astronomy is the natural science that deals with the study of planets, stars, and the universe. If you want to become an astronaut, you have to study astronomy. The primary concern of astronomy was to know the position of sun, moon, and planets, before the invention of the telescope. 


It is the branch of science that studies how living organisms affect each other and the environment. It includes human science, community, ecosystem, and biosphere. The main goal of the ecologist is to understand different life processes, adaptation, habitats, the biodiversity of organisms.  


Biology studies how living organisms’ physical structure, including their interactions and evolution. Further, it is subdivided into other fields like botany, zoology, physiology, and so on. Living beings share common phenomena like reproduction, cell division, and genetic transmission. Thus it also deals with the fundamental unit of life. 


Concerned with studying energy and matter like heat, light, sound, etc., physics is the essential learning of the physical world around us. Look at the motion around you. Can you understand this without physics? No. Thus it is the way to learn force, momentum, and other concepts of the physical world. But to understand it better, we must have a vast knowledge of maths. 


According to the American Psychology Association, psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and their behavior in specific situations. Whenever a trend occurs, psychologists are there to explain it. Thus psychologists propose theories that explain our behavior in different fields like sports, health, social human development, and so on.


It is concerned with solid Earth, rock, and processes, which change over time. Geology studies various Earth processes like landslides, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions. The main aim of geologists is to know these processes so that we have minimum loss with these natural disasters. 


Deals with how and why various matter combines or separate to form other substances. Thus it is the study of matter and its properties. The main aim is to know how elements interact with each other. Chemistry is all around us from liquids in the laboratory to our food in the kitchen. 

Everything has chemistry. 

The above mentioned were some main branches of science that everybody should know to understand the world better. Furthermore, if you need any online assignment help related to these topics, then you can hire our experts.