Top 10 Facts About Astronomy

Top 8 Facts About Astronomy | Space Study

Are you fascinating to become an astronomy major? So here are some amazing facts about astronomy that you should check. 

Astronomy is the primary field of physical science that studies celestial objects and phenomena. It uses various other domains like physics, mathematics, and chemistry. Further, these domains explain origin and evolution. It is one of the oldest natural sciences. Professionals in astronomy split it into two branches: Observational and Theoretical. 

Below are some facts about astronomy that will boost your knowledge of space studies. 

Position of Sun

Our sun is one of the four hundred billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy contains approximately 100 to 400 billion stars along with at least 100 billion planets. 

Full and Half Moon

Another interesting fact about astronomy is that astronomers claim that a full moon is nine times bright like a half-moon. Since the moon is lit by sunlight, so it is brighter in the center than at the edges. 

Life of Sun

Sunburns 600 million tons of hydrogen daily, and every second, still, it can do the same for another four billion years. As the sun’s core becomes saturated, it shrinks and causes nuclear fusion reactions. Thus the sun spits out more energy. 

Sun’s Size

Have you ever thought how many earths can fit into the sun? Well, nearly a million duplicates of Earth could comfortably fit inside the sun. This sun has 99.86% of the solar system’s mass. 

Space Trash

There are millions of trash orbiting around the planet earth. Space trash is a real problem mentioned by BBC in a report. Even something as small as a paper clip can harm our satellites, which creates space trash. It is estimated that millions of pieces of space trash are floating in our solar system.  

No Sound in Space

There is no atmosphere in Space. Thus Space is a vacuum as there is no medium for sound to travel. What we hear from infotainment channels is electromagnetic waves converted into sound waves.  

Number of Stars 

None knows how many stars are there in Space. Since it is impossible to predict an accurate number, yet stars estimated at around 200-400 billion. 

Footprints on  Moon

The moon has no atmosphere, which means that footprints on the moon can be there for 100 million years. Since the moon is exposed to meteoroids bombardment so the footprints won’t be there forever. Yet the disappearing process is prolonged. 

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