Simple Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement

Simple Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement

Do you know how professionals write papers? Here is a secret they always specify their primary idea in the introduction part of the papers so that readers know what they are going to discuss.  On the other hand, we often write tons of pages without even realizing that we haven’t mentioned the main idea of it. That is why most of the time, our essays flat. Don’t worry if you are facing the same issue. Today we’ll tell you simple tips on how to write a thesis statement. 

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So what is this thesis statement, and how will this help us? Well, here we’ll answer all your questions one by one. Let’s start. 

What is the Thesis Statement?

Every paper contains the main point or idea. All the arguments in our paper reflect it. Thus the sentence that reflects the central message of our article is known as a thesis statement. 

A thesis statement contains the following points:

  • Explains what you want the reader to believe
  • Comes after the first and second paragraph of the thesis
  • Usually completes in one statement.
  • Gives roadmap of the whole essay

How Long Should Thesis Statement Be?

A thesis statement usually ends in one or two sentences. It should present the main idea of your essay. Make sure it reflects your thoughts over the issue that you are talking about as we do in a reflection paper. Thus your thesis statement must tell your readers what you are going to talk about. 

Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement

The following are some tips on how to write a thesis statement.

Turn Your Topic into Question

Change the main idea of your essay into a question.

Write Brainstorming Answers

Write as many answers as you can think of; Do some research and add all the possible answers. 

Select Your Piece of Answer

After mentioning all the answers, choose the main answer that you believe in. 

Create a Roadmap

Mention the reason for choosing your answer. Try to pick at least three best reasons. 

Compare Your Answer With Others’

This step is optional. You can compare your answer with others’ in the same field. It will help your readers to know what you want to stress through the thesis. 

Therefore, follow these simple tips to know how to write a thesis statement like professionals. For more support, get English assignment help from experts.