Improving Emotional Intelligence | Steps and Benefits

 Emotional Intelligence also referred to as the Emotional Quotient, is an intellectual way of using Intelligence to manage and understand emotions in such a way that it reduces stress, helps to build a strong personality, improves communication skills and enhances mindfulness. Emotional Intelligence not only helps an individual to grow strong internally; rather, it also brings positive changes in the career life of an individual.

Steps to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Some of the steps to improve emotional Intelligence are:

Self Awareness

 The first and the foremost way towards increasing emotional Intelligence is accepting emotions and feelings. For instance, If someone is feeling angry, then he/she should firstly accept their anger and then should move towards identifying the reason behind their aggressive emotions.


Managing one’s emotions is a major part of moving towards improving emotional Intelligence. By giving time to emotions, one could easily crack the pattern of their emotional instability and move towards handling it strongly. 


While coping up with emotions, one should always positively reinforce themselves to make their emotional intelligence growth healthy.

Social awareness

One can’t grow all alone; he/she should always try to grow with the surrounding by showing empathetic behaviour towards other emotions. This not only builds communication skills but also let’s an individual improve their social circle.

Relationship management

Being sensitive towards others would lead the individual to have a healthy relationship ahead. Hindrances occur when one tries to throw their emotions on others or when they don’t try to understand.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Let’s look at some of the benefits of emotional Intelligence.

  •  Improves decision making – By putting the entire focus towards emotions, one could make wrong decisions. But by shifting focus towards managing emotions, one could make a good decision for himself/herself on a long term basis.
  • Bring mindfulness: It enables people to live in the present by calmly acknowledging one’s own emotions, thoughts and bodily sensations. Thus, it eventually helps to feel stress-free even in chaotic conditions.
  • People with high Emotional Intelligence know themselves more deeply, and this makes them stay committed to their growth and development.
  • High emotional intelligence leads to building up strong leadership skills.
  • People with high emotional Intelligence find themselves more comfortable in changing and advancing themselves with the growth of the company.
  • With high emotional intelligence, people always value other persons’ input and ideas, which builds their relationship and positivity with other people.

“With high IQ, you can clear the entrance of colleges, but with high EQ, you can clear every entrance for life”- Cerebellum. 

 It truly explained by many successful scientists that IQ could only serve 20% to your success, whereas 80% refers to the EQ of an individual. As emotions can’t be separated from the mind, and to master your mind, one should master their emotions first. Hence IQ+EQ= YQ(you like yourself).