How to Identify Different Types of Writing Styles

How to Identify Different Types of Writing Styles

Literature is not a difficult subject if you start loving it. It gives us plenty of stories, fantasies, and shows us the authors’ point of view. So do you know? Writers use different writing styles to present their art. Before moving ahead, have a glance at our latest posts:

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So lets’ move ahead to know different types of writing styles. There are four main types of writing styles: expository, descriptive, purposive, and narrative. Each of them has a unique purpose. 

Expository Writing 

Authors use this writing style when they are trying to explain a concept. Thus this writing style aims to impart information to a broader audience. Expository writing styles don’t include authors opinions; therefore, it gives facts or statistics, not opinions. These types of writing styles are sometimes profound and dry to read. Thus it uses a series of documents like textbooks, New Stories, letters, diary entries, and much more.  A typical example is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Persuasive Writing

Writers use persuasive writing for academic papers. Thus due to these styles, authors try to convince the audience about a belief. The techniques contain advice, justifications, biases, and reasons by given authors. The writing styles are essential for writings like Copywriting for advertising and marketing purposes, Cover letters, Editorial newspaper articles. The famous example of these styles is Their Finest Hour by Winston Churchill. 

Descriptive Writing

A descriptive writing style can be found in both fiction and non-fiction. That is why authors try to picture a person, place, or thing through the art of words. Generally, writers use metaphors and literary devices to describe their feelings. Some common usage of these types of writing styles is poetry, Fictional novel, Play. A typical example of descriptive writing styles is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein. 

Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is like a longer piece of writing in both fiction and non-fiction. The author tries to narrate a story with different characters and conflicts. This writing includes a character voice, which is a common writing style in novels.  Here the first-person narrator can help the reader to relate more. The writing styles are common in Novels, Oral histories, short stories, essays. A classic example of a novel written in narrative writing style is The Hunger Games By Katniss. 

Therefore, knowing different styles of writing is essential if you are a bookworm. Also, you can develop your own writing style by identifying these types of writing styles. Furthermore, for any English assignment help related to similar topics, rely on us.