Environment Pollution: Types, Causes and Effects 

Pollution is the introduction of an impure natural environment that causes disadvantageous changes. Pollution can take the shape of energy or chemical substances, like light, noise, and heat. 

The components of pollution are pollutants that can be energies or foreign substances or existent natural contaminants. On our planet, environment pollution is the most significant trouble happening on humanity and other life forms.

Environment pollution is described as “the earth/atmosphere system of the physical and biological components contaminate to such a dimension that normal environment processes are adversely affected. 

When an excess of natural levels of naturally occurring energies or substances is a pollutant, it is considered contaminated. Also, when we use natural resources at a higher rate than nature’s capacity to restore itself, it becomes land, water and air pollution.   

Types of Environment Pollution 

There are five types of Environment Pollution:

  • Air Pollution: Air Pollution is a composition of gases in the air and solid particles. Pollen and Mold spores, dust, car emission, and chemicals from factories may be suspended as particles. 

Many air pollutants are poisonous; that’s why it is also named smog when ozone forms air pollution.

  • Water Pollution: As a result of human activities, water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. Water pollution as water bodies contain aquifers, oceans, groundwater, lakes, and lakes. 

Water pollution is the most dangerous and severe ecological problem that we face today because water is the most essential part of life. 

  • Soil Pollution: In the natural soil environment, the presence of xenon biotic chemicals or other alteration is caused by soil pollution or soil contamination as a part of land degradation.

The reason for causing soil pollution is agricultural chemicals, improper disposal of waste and industrial activity. 

  • Thermal Pollution: Thermal enrichment is another name of thermal pollution is the degradation of water quality by any process this change encircling water temperature.

The primary cause of thermal pollution is industrial manufacturers, soil erosion, and the use of water as a coolant by a power plant.

Causes of Environment Pollution

  • Burning of Fossil Fuels
  • Automobiles
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Factories and industries
  • Mining Activities
  • Domestic sources 

The overusing of above mention things kills our environment and cause damage to the living system. Also causes problems in health because it pollutes the quality of the air.  

Effects of Environment Pollution

  • Diseases 
  • Global Warming
  • Acid Rain 
  • Ozone Layer Depletion
  • Effects on Animals

Because of these effects happen in environment pollution, its impure and unclean physical and biological components. Also, the atmosphere is highly extent that causes the adverse effect of environment pollution.

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