4 Main Types of Sentence structure with examples

4 Main Types of Sentence Structure With Examples

Most often, students lose marks while writing papers due to different reasons. But there is one common reason, and that is using repetitive sentence type. Also, it is the trickiest pattern to spot while writing a piece of paper.  That is why to help you overcome this problem, today, we’ll discuss four main types of sentence structure with examples. 

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Basic Sentence Elements With Examples

We use the English language without even knowing its depth. The following are some fundamental elements of a sentence that you should know for a better understanding of different types of structure sentences. 

Independent Clause

An independent clause can work as a sentence alone. Since it contains a subject and verb, it completes the meaning. For example, She plays football. 

Here “She” is the subject while “plays” is the verb; together, they complete the whole idea of the sentence. 

Dependent Clause

This clause is not a complete sentence in itself. It needs to be attached to an independent clause to complete the idea of the sentence. Therefore it is also known as a subordinate clause. For example, Because I like to eat sweets… 

Thus the sentence mentioned above is not complete in itself; it needs an independent clause. For example, I am fat because I like to eat sweets. 

As we have understood the independent and dependent clause, we should move ahead to understand different types of structure sentences. 

While reading and writing, there are four types of sentence structures that you’ll come across:- 

Here are these with the primary example

Simple Sentence Structure

  • A simple sentence includes one independent clause containing a subject and a verb.
  • This type of sentence structure expresses a complete thought, making sense. 

E.g.:- Jonas likes Martha

Compound Sentence Structure

  • A compound sentence is a type of structure sentence that consists of two independent clauses joined by a conjunction or a semicolon.

E.g.:- Ulrich loves tea, and Hannah loves coffee

Complex Sentence Structure

  • A complex sentence is a type of structure sentence that consists of an independent clause and a dependent clause. 
  • A subordinating conjunction joins the two kinds of sentences. 

E.g.:- I missed the bus because I was late. 

Compound-complex Sentence Structure 

  • A compound-complex sentence is consists of two independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses. 
  • These are joined by subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.

E.g.:- Jonas couldn’t come to school since his mom was sick, so Martha sat alone. 

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