What is the League of Nation: World War 1 | Homework Joy

The League of the nation is worldwide known for its world peace mission. Also, it is the first intergovernmental organization. The main motive of this organization is to solve matters to negotiate.    Moreover, its other analysis is to provide protection to minorities in Europe, treat native inhabitants, the arms trade, prisoners of war, solve […]

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Mexican War of Independence: A Brief History | Infographics

Mexican war of independence was an armed conflict between Mexico and Spain. It lasted between 1808 to 1821, resulting in Mexico’s independence from Spain. Mexico became home to many great civilizations like the Maya, Aztecs etc. Moreover, it was prior 3000 years before the Europeans arrived, and all these civilizations flourished.    In addition, the […]

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Career In Psychology: Scope & Universities | Homework Joy 

Career In Psychology The scope of Careers in psychology is increasing with increasing mental and physical problems. “Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior” American Psychological Association.   Different Careers In Psychology.    Clinical Psychology    A career in clinical psychology requires a doctorate, although, in some areas, a master’s degree is […]

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What is Hybrid Learning: A Brief Overview | Homework Joy

 In today’s world, education technology enhances students’ development. What is Hybrid learning, it’s a part of that development.    Also, schools have taken divergent teaching methods from the typical environment. Basically, for the classroom, hybrid learning is a part of that.    Mainly schools use distance learning on a global scale. But nowadays, many institutes […]

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The Atomic Bombing of Japan | Homework Joy

The atomic bombing of Japan is a time of ending world war II, and the Allies arrange intrusion of the Japanese mainland. This bombing destroyed 67 cities of Japan.   The U.S. deployed the first bomb in Hiroshima city of Japan at least 80,000 people killed, and also the U.S. deployed the second bomb in […]

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