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Diabetes case study
Diabetes Case Study Chief Complaint “My left foot feels weak and numb. I have a hard time pointing my toes up.” History of Present Illness D.T. is 42-year-old Caucasian woman w …
General Questions / College life 2020-02-25 1 Yes
Assignment 4: On-boarding
Assignment 4: On-boarding Due Week 7 and worth 200 points   In this assignment, you will create an outline of an onboarding process. Summarize what you feel are the two (2) most important …
General Questions / College life 2020-02-22 1 Yes
Advantages of exercising that you should know!
Advantages of exercising that you should know! …
General Questions / College life 2020-02-19 0 Yes
Nursing Informatics (NUR3870) Discussion Post
Your initial discussion board response is due each Thursday at 1159PM and your two responses are due each week by Sunday at 1159PM. Please answer one of the discussion questions below&nbs …
General Questions / College life 2020-01-23 1 Yes
Walden Nurs4220 week 2 discussion
One example of a measurement tool is the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) comprehensive care measures. Review the eight components of HEDIS comprehensive diabetes care; then c …
General Questions / College life 2019-12-02 1 Yes