Module 6 - What barriers do immigrants frequently face

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Module 6 Graded Assignment to Enhance Learning

After reading Chapters 4-7 in Immigrant and Refugee Families, 2nd Ed., answer the following questions

Chapter 4

1. What barriers do immigrants frequently face to economic well-being?

 2. How might not having healthcare impact the well-being of an immigrant family? What about healthcare in another language?

3. How might Seng and Bao’s financial background impact their children’s choices, particularly as their children become adults and consider college and other savings goals?

Chapter 5

1. What are some mental health challenges that may arise in this family? How might an educator, social worker, therapist, religious/spiritual leader, employer, etc. support them?

2. What types of treatments might be helpful for this family system?

 3. What do you believe are the challenges and opportunities in helping this family successfully resettle in the United Stated?

4. What do you see as the role of United States’ communities in immigrant and refugee resettlement – whose responsibility is it to support these families?

 Chapter 6

1. What pressures do immigrant/refugee families face, and how might that increase risk of IPV?

2. How might someone experience a feeling of loss of control, despite moving to a country with better safety and economic opportunities?

3. What are some possible consequences for children exposed to IPV?

Chapter 7

1. How might the living situation of newly immigrated refugees influence Jon’s substance use and treatment?

2. Can you list 2-3 services in your community that would address Jon and his family needs on different subsystems? Would these resources be culturally sensitive and appropriate?

3. What are some common intervention strategies that may encourage Jon’s family to engage in his treatment?

4. How has traumatic stress potentially contributed to Jon’s substance abuse? How do you believe traumatic stress has impacted other generations of Jon’s family?

5. What are some cultural barriers Jon faces in seeking treatment?

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Module 6 - What barriers do immigrants frequently face

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