LEGL601 Commercial and Corporations Law

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Writing a letter of advice


LEGL601 Commercial and Corporations Law

Semester 2, 2022 Assessment number 1

 Assessment Artefact: Individual Written Report

Weighting [30%] Marks [30]

Why this assessment?  

 Hands on experience in the analysis of legal problems in a commercial and corporations context

Experience in and demonstration of the interaction between common law and statute law

Understand and develop skills to resolve legal issues that impact business organisations

Develop and refine communication and presentation skills

What are the types of employability skills that I will acquire upon completion of this assessment?


Background information

 Jack and Jill have been best of friends since high school. Jack is currently employed as physical education teacher and Jill is a nutritionist. After working many years as employees, they have decided to join forces and set up a Fitness Centre. They come to your office and seek your advice in setting up their new business venture. Jack would like to know and understand what his obligations and liabilities are as co-owner and director should he and Jill elect to set up a company.


You have been asked by your managing partner to prepare a draft letter of advice for Jack and Jill which addresses their concerns. In particular the letter of advice should address the following:

1. What are the various business structures that are available to Jack and Jill with respect to the type of business that they would like to establish.

• 2. Assume that a company structure is the most appropriate business entity to operate the Fitness Centre and provide advice on: •

 (a) the type of company to be formulated;

 (b) the various types of obligations and liabilities that each director is subjected to; and

(c) can Jack and Jill be employees of the company.

Please ensure that you set your work out clearly and that you proof read your final draft before submission.


1. Submit the report via LEO using Turnitin

2. Assignments submitted by other means (e.g., email) or forms (scanned copy, Excel document) will attract no marks.

Structure Word Limit 1500 words (+/-10%)

Referencing not included Referencing Please reference using AGLC or APA and include a reference list The assignment must be typed with 1.15 or double spacing and leaving a left-hand margin wide enough for examiners’ comments and corrections. Please use the Arial font.

Assignments submitted after the due date will incur a penalty for late submission as per faculty policy unless an extension of time has been obtained from the subject lecturer or tutor prior to the due date. Any application for extension of time must be lodged on the appropriate form obtainable from the 2 faculty office and must be accompanied by any supporting evidence of the facts upon which the application is based.

How do I submit?

Students must submit assignments electronically via Turnitin. The software used for checking originality compares works submitted by students with published material from a variety of sources including the Internet. The assignment is to be submitted via LEO/Turnitin and will be checked for originality. A Turnitin similarity score of 10% or greater will be considered cause for concern.

The assignment is to be submitted via LEO/Turnitin by

Penalties will be applied for late submission. Assessment tasks submitted after the due or extended date will incur, for each whole or part of a calendar day that the work is overdue, a 5% penalty of the maximum marks available for that assessment task up to a maximum of 15%. Assessment tasks received more than three calendar days after the due or extended date will not be allocated a mark.


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LEGL601 Commercial and Corporations Law

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