Investigate about corneal transplantation

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Corneal Transplantation Essay

Investigate about corneal transplantation and write an essay about it.

The essay must be at least five paragraphs long, and each paragraph must contain at least five sentences

Must be written entirely in your OWN words.

Only, when necessary, you can quote, but be careful, I will only accept a few quotes.

You must at least consult three references to investigate about this topic and must list these three references at the end of your essay (use APA style).

The questions provided below are to motivate you, do not need to answer them one by one.

One of the most common tissue transplants practiced in the world: Corneal Transplant (or keratoplasty).

Why would this tissue transplant be one of the most common in the world?

Is this mostly corrupt business or is it a genuine medical treatment that really helps millions of people?

How come the tissue cells of one's eye cornea can be replaced by new ones?

Doesn't this create an immune reaction against the new cells?

Can this transplantation be done artificially?

How successful corneal transplantation is?

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Investigate about corneal transplantation

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