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CHS254 Full Course Latest 2020 April (No Week 6 Assignment)

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CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 1 Discussion

Introductions and Community Healthcare Efforts

Talk to some leaders from your local elementary schools, daycare centers, or healthcare services about their efforts concerning the overall health of the children with which they work.  What are some things that they are doing that contribute to the overall health of a child? How effective do you think these practices are? How could they be improved?


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 2 Discussion

Physical Activity and Parental Involvement in Assessment

Once you have read through the materials provided in this unit, respond to the following:

1. What are some ways you could promote physical activity in an early childhood program?

What are the benefits of these activities?

2. How might you initiate a discussion with parents about possible developmental areas that need addressing?


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 3 Discussion

Infection Awareness

There are many more infections and diseases that are affecting people in the United States and around the world that were not included in the readings. Pick one and describe three actions you could put in place to create awareness or control the spread of these infections and diseases in an early childhood program.

Note: for this discussion, you will not be able to see any posts until you create your own thread.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 4 Discussion

Safety Issues

Research a website that addresses a safety issue faced by young children.  Make sure to review what sites have already been posted before posting your own to avoid duplication.

Share the URL with a brief a description of the site and what hazard/s it addresses.

Include at least three reasons why this site is helpful to early childhood educators.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 5 Discussion

Public Service Announcement

Write a 1- 2 minute public service announcement for radio and television alerting the community to the problems of child abuse and neglect.

Create a recording of your announcement. This might be a little intimidating for some but we need to hear your spoken voice as part of the degree requirement.

Create a account in which to record and upload your announcement. Once you go to the login page, you can create an account for free. Create the account and then follow the directions. It is fairly easy.

If you have a camera or microphone on your computer you can record right to the computer and then you will see a little bottom that says copy this URL. Click that and copy it.

If you know another way to do a recording and upload it you may do that also. There is a free recording app at the app store. You can download this to your phone. Then you record and send it to your computer.

Paste the link of your recording in a thread to share with your classmates.

Here is a sample recording:

Please refer to these prompts to help you when writing responses to your classmates:

Compare and contrast their observations with your experience and/or research on their topic.

Ask a probing question.

Share an insight from having read your classmates’ posting.

Offer and support an opinion.

Validate an idea with your own experience.

Make a suggestion.

Expand on your classmate's posting.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 6 Discussion

Nutrition in Early Childhood

For this discussion, click on the below link to the USDA website (United States Department of Agriculture), and read about nutrition as it applies to the different groups in the Early Childhood age range. Choose one of the groups: Infant, Toddler, Preschool, or Child and post a brief summary of some aspect of the topic that particularly interests you. Include your own thoughts, experience, or additional research on the topic. (Remember, initial posts should be at least 8 to 10 sentences.)


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 8 Discussion

DQ1 Obesity Disparities

Obesity is a national epidemic that must be addressed from a variety of directions and levels.  What key points need to be included when developing an effective plan that recognizes the social and cultural differences found in families across the United States?

DQ2 Pinterest Board Sharing

Share your Pinterest board link here for others to follow and repin ones they like.

Share your experiences with Pinterest and the different ways you can use it in your teaching and planning.

In your response to other students, discuss the applicability of at least one of their pins to the classroom.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 1 Assignment  

Health, Safety and Nutrition Interrelationship

Review all the information provided and the readings. Using the unit readings and your own research, describe the interrelationship of health, safety, and nutrition in a two-page paper.

The paper should meet the following requirements:

APA formatted

2 pages in length excluding the title and reference pages

At least three resources cited

Refer to the course syllabus for the grading rubric. (I have also posted the rubric, below, for your reference.)




CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 2 Assignment  

Physical Activity Plan/Lesson Plan

Using the activity plan template found in Course Information and above and what you have learned in this unit, plan a physical activity for young children.

Identify the target child age

Include an adaptation for children with special needs

Use Bloom's Taxonomy and the list of action verbs to help you with your lesson objectives.  Refer to the course syllabus for the grading rubric.

Make sure that your lesson includes physical activity. For instance,  here are some example of physical activities on the preschool level from SPARK, which is a research-based program of San Diego State University Research Foundation

Building Blocks. Starting and Stopping.

Musical ASAPs. Knees Up, Mother Brown.

Super Stunts. Single-Leg Balances.

Parachute Play. Popcorn.

Hoop It Up. Musical Hoops.

Ribbons, Scarves, Balloons for Me. Abracadabra.

FluffballFun. Sit and Toss.

Beanbag Bonanza. Self-Tossing


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 3 Assignment  

Infection Control Awareness Poster and Reflection Paper

This is a two-part assignment consisting of an original poster and a reflection paper.  Submit both parts in the same assignment link. The assignment is worth 100 points.

Part 1: Make your own awareness poster on infection control that includes at least 3 pictures and 3 facts. You create it as a one-page Word Document. Or make an actual poster and take a picture of it to submit.

Your poster needs to be your own work. You can use clip art and other images on your poster but make it be unique!  You might get some inspiration for your poster at the following websites:

Infection Control Posters.

Infection Control Posters. ToucanEd.

Part 2:  Write a one-page reflection paper on your poster about the following:

          (a) Why you chose the items you included on your poster

          (b) How you would use the poster

The paper must be typed and written in your own words using complete sentences. It must not contain any grammar or spelling errors.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 4 Assignment  

Minor and Major Injuries Presentation and Reflection Paper

This is a two-part assignment consisting of a PowerPoint and a Reflection Paper. Submit both parts of the assignment in the same submission link. It is worth 100 points.

Part 1: Create a PowerPoint presentation on minor and major injuries.

Describe what to do in the case of an accident while a child is in your care.

Include 3 minor injuries with one slide for each.

Include 3 major injuries with one slide for each.

Do your own illustration or use clip art or images from Creative Commons so there are no copyright issues.

Part 2: Write a one-page paper explaining why these injuries were chosen, and how, when, and where this PowerPoint can be used.

Work must be typed in your own words in complete sentences and not contain any grammar or spelling errors.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 5 Assignment  

Child Abuse Written Assignment

Write a one-page paper describing the major contributing factors of child abuse. Include the following:

  the types of abuse

  major contributing factors,

  how each type of abuse affects children

  describe at least two strategies to reduce the abuse children experience.

This typed paper needs to be written in your own words. It should not have any grammar or spelling errors.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 6 Assignment  

Child Nutrition Programs Video Summary

For this assignment, you need to watch a 15 minute video "A Journey Through the History of the Child Nutrition Programs" to hear about and see photographs and images from the Institute of Child Nutrition Archives and the the Federal Government's USDA. After you watch the entire video, watch it again and identify three topics to write about for this assignment.

Write a one-page reflection paper in which you summarize the main points of each of the three child nutrition programs you selected from the video and describe what you understand to be the strengths and or weaknesses of each program.


CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition

Unit 7 Assignment  

Final Project


You will conduct in-depth research on a selected topic.

Unit 2:  Select and begin research on topic

Select from the range of topics: diabetes, self-esteem, obesity, fire safety, good eating habits, bullying, etc.

Read and review all articles and view web links and videos provided. 

Identify the key characteristics and needs of children relevant to your selected topic. (1a)

 Unit 3:  Submit Research Topic

Unit 4:  Conduct research on topic

The length must be 4-5 pages excluding title and reference pages


At least 4 references

Use Purdue OWL for the APA style of formatting for your research paper: General Format.


You will apply your research by writing a lesson plan based on your researched topic and you will plan specific ways to observe and assess children’s understanding of the topic.

Unit 4:  Gather information for Lesson Plan

Unit 5:  Prepare Complete Lesson Plan

1.  Curriculum Framework:  Research and use the Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework (Comprehensive School Health Education, Comprehensive Physical Education, 2006)   healthybalancedliving.pdf

2.  Standard:  Identify an early learning standard from the CT ELDS or your state’s early learning standards.

3.  Materials:  Plan and include a list of classroom materials that you would use. 

4.  Modifications:  Address how you will modify the activity for a child with exceptional needs.

5. Observation and Assessment:  Plan how you will observe children’s engagement and learning and assess the standard-based objective(s) for your activity.

A. Provide a sample of your assessment tool. (3a) (Examples: a checklist, criteria chart or rubric)

B. Describe how you will engage families in sharing observations of their children at home. (3d)

(Examples: writing sample, anecdotal notes, audio recordings)


You will advocate for the health, safety or nutrition of young children by creating a newsletter.  Newsletters are a vehicle that teachers can use to enrich the family on certain topics. This newsletter should be written to increase family awareness on your research topic and advocate for healthy children and families.

Unit 6:  Write newsletter.

1.   Present one research finding and describe the impact for children and families. (6e)

2.   Demonstrate how this topic is addressed in the classroom and give one example of what families can do at home. (6e)

3.   Provide specific details of two local or state resources:  one for children and one for families. (2c)


You will conduct and submit a reflective analysis of the overall project from identifying a topic to planning the topic-driven lesson. 

Unit 7:  Complete the reflection and submit all four parts in the U7 submission link.

 Summarize how you have grown in your understanding of children’s development and needs to plan healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning environments for young children.

Describe the value of peer support in your own growth.  (1c)

State the specific skills and strategies you have gained to promote positive outcomes for all children. (4d)

Articulate speculated, positive outcomes for children and families if you were to implement this HSN lesson and provide the newsletter to families.

Will you implement your learning experience?  State why or why not. (5c)




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