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HLS450 Module 2 Assignment Latest 2020

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HLS450 Intelligence

Module 2 Assignment

CRITICAL THINKING: Intelligence Cycle Analysis (75 points)

The Portfolio Project due in Module 8 asks you to choose a case study and examine it by connecting it back to Lowenthal’s seven-step intelligence cycle. This assignment will allow you to do this same thing, but on a smaller scale. Research a case study on some aspect of Homeland Security (it can be one from the text or an outside case study of your choosing) and provide an outline using the five-step approach to the intelligence cycle. Provide a bullet-pointed outline of the intelligence cycle actions that were taken in the case study you chose.

Your two- to three-page outline must include at least two different sources and should be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Style, with sources properly cited. Upload your completed work to the Week 2 Assignments page.

Portfolio Project: Homeland Security Intelligence Case Study (0 points)

A final Portfolio Project is due at the end of the course. Please read the full Portfolio Project description on the Week 8 Assignments page to preview your Portfolio Project assignment.

This week you should choose a case study that documents Homeland Security intelligence. It cannot be the same case study you used in your Critical Thinking assignment. However, it can be one that was discussed in the text and/or the course.

Week 2 Requirements: Submit your chosen case study for approval by the instructor. In one or two sentences identify the chosen case study and explain why you chose this specific case. Upload your explanation to the Week 2 Assignments page.

While you will not receive points for this submission in Week 2, it is a required part of the project and points will be assessed for this submission in the Portfolio Project grading rubric.