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Devry ENGL112 Week 2 Assignment Latest 2020 MAY

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ENGL112 Composition

Week 2 Assignment  


This week you will complete the Profile essay. Be sure to read this week’s lesson and Chapter 5 in your text for more information about writing profiles, keeping these key components in mind:

Profiles take a specific angle that shares a significant issue, important contribution, or surprising quality of a person, place, or event with which you have first-hand experience.

Profiles are not full life stories; instead, they share a fresh perspective on a larger issue.

Profiles require writers to take a close look at a subject and use detail and description to bring the subject to life.

The subject of the Profile should focus on a local person you know, a place you have visited, or an event you have attended, meaning the subject should be a part of your local neighborhood, community, or town.

The audience of the Profile essay is the local community. Imagine the readers as neighbors and local community members.

The best topics and angles are those that are interesting to the writer. Be sure to choose a subject that is fascinating to you and that you'd like to learn more about. Also consider that your chosen subject and the angle you choose should be of interest to your audience.

Do not conduct outside research for this essay. Instead, use your knowledge of the topic and reflect on your experiences to help develop examples for your profile. All work must be original, not copied from external sources. This is an opportunity for you to get feedback on your voice and style as a writer.

For this assignment, you will also integrate an APA cover page. This will be your first introduction to APA format and will allow you to gain some practice presenting work in an academic context. Please download and use the APA Cover Page template to create your cover page by adding your information:

Additional requirements include:

two to three double-spaced pages (500-750 words), not including the title page;

typed and submitted in Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx) format; and

12-point font, 1 inch margins, Times or Times new Roman style

an APA cover page

 Please be sure to review the tutorial on formatting an APA paper and title page


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Devry ENGL112 Week 2 Assignment Latest 2020 MAY

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