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MIS310 Assignment 4 Assessment & Recommendations Latest

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MIS310 Database Management Systems

Assignment 4

Assessment & Recommendations

In this section of the post-implementation review (3-5 pages), student teams will assess the success of the information system project they studied. The student teams need to address both the application product that has been developed or acquired and implemented, and the process of acquiring and/or developing and implementing the application. The student teams will complete their assessment and will offer recommendations by responding in detail to the following questions:

Was the development/acquisition/implementation process for this project a success? Please note: students must take an extremely critical approach to this question – they should evaluate this question from the following views:

How does the organization measure success?

By that measurement, was it a success?

Do you agree? If no, why not?

Did the business benefits justify the project cost? If no, why not?

In their own right, were project costs justified?   Were costs commensurate with the results If no, why not?

Did the design, acquisition/development, and implementation processes work? Where were they flawed?

In hindsight, could the development/acquisition process have been done better?   Were established procedures followed? Were new procedures defined.

Did the organization’s staff pick up new skills in the course of this project? What were they?

Does the information system enhance the performance of the organization’s business activities?   Explain why or why not by answering the following queries.

How does it enhance these business activities (be as specific as possible – economic benefits, transactional benefits, customer service enhancements, product/service quality enhancements).

How well does the application system meet the organization’s need?

Does the application do the job it was designed to do?

Is the application used?

In the short term, is there competitive advantage derived from the organization’s new information system? How about the long term? Why or why not? Have recent events changed the situation?

What further improvements does the organization intend to make to this system? What further enhancements or additions have been indicated as follow-up projects? [Be descriptive here]

Are there further improvements that the organization should plan to make to this information system in order to improve its effectiveness and to reap greater benefits? [Be prescriptive here]

What improvements could/should the organization adopt to the way it engages in information systems development/acquisition and implementation, i.e. what larger lessons have been learned by you?

7 Is the organization’s outsourcing process effective? When they outsource IT work, are the results what they expected?

Did anything go wrong during the systems development process that should be corrected in the next project? (Explain)


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MIS310 Assignment 4 Assessment & Recommendations Latest

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