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Strayer BUS517 Quiz 1 Latest 2020 April

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BUS517 Project Management

Quiz 1

Question 1Which of the following is  NOT considered to be a characteristic of a project?

Question 2Which of the following is  NOT typical of a project manager?

Question 3A project does not include

Question 4A project lifecycle

Question 5Project management is being driven by

Question 6A professional organization for project managers is the

Question 7Two dimensions within the project management process are

Question 8Project management is important to understand when people are a part of a project team because they

Question 9In the ________ stage of What is a Project? you are more likely to find status reports, changes, and the creation of forecasts.

Question 10A series of coordinated, related, multiple projects that continue over an extended time period and are intended to achieve a goal is known as a

Question 11Projects are usually classified into all but one of the following categories. Which one is  NOT one of the typical classifications?

Question 12Which of the following is  NOT one of the requirements for successful implementation of strategies through projects?

Question 13The assessment of the external and internal environments is called ________ analysis.

Question 14Which of the following is  NOT one of the characteristics of effective objectives?

Question 15Which of the following is  NOT true for strategic management?

Question 16The following are responsibilities of the governance team when managing a portfolio system EXCEPT

Question 17Which of the following is  NOT true about organizational politics?

Question 18Which of the following is  NOT a problem associated with the absence of a project portfolio system?

Question 19Project selection criteria are typically classified as

Question 20A project screening matrix typically contains all of the following EXCEPT

Question 21How does someone learn more about an organization's culture?

Question 22Which structure would be most appropriate for developing a new, highly innovative product that has strict time constraints?

Question 23Elizabeth is considering how to structure a project team that will not directly disrupt ongoing operations. The project needs to be done quickly and a high level of motivation will be needed in order to do that. For this situation, the ________ organization would be the best choice.

Question 24A project team that operates with a full-time project manager as a separate unit from the rest of the organization is structured using ________ organization.

Question 25Bill is working on a project involving the upgrading of a management information system. The project is being managed by the information systems department with the coordination of other departments occurring through normal channels. He is working in a ________ organization.

Question 26Which of the following cultural characteristics relates to the degree to which groups within the organization are encouraged to operate in a coordinated or independent manner?

Question 27Factors in identifying cultural characteristics include all the following EXCEPT

Question 28Which of the following combinations represents the extremes of project organization?

Question 29Which of the following is  NOT true regarding organizing projects within a matrix arrangement?

Question 30The structure that manages projects within the existing organizational structure is ________ organization.