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Strayer BUS517 Quiz 2 Latest 2020 April

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BUS517 Project Management

Quiz 2

Question 1A "Dissemination Mode" is

Question 2Which of the following is  NOT one of the items that would appear on a project scope statement or checklist?

Question 3Linda has just been assigned manager of a project to develop a new advertising campaign for an established product. Her first step should be to

Question 4In reviewing the project plan, Susan sees that the first prototype must be completed by October 12. This would be best classified as a

Question 5There are 5 steps involved when defining a project; which of the following is the first?

Question 6A communication plan is a key component for giving guidelines on how to track project

Question 7The ability of a 911 emergency system to identify the caller's phone number and location is considered to be a

Question 8The project scope statement indicates that the client is responsible for training the people who will be using the equipment and that the project team will train the client's trainers. This is an example of

Question 9A Process Breakdown Structure can provide a reasonable alternative to a Work Breakdown structure for an extensive development project if

Question 10If a project is small and does not require an elaborate system to assign tasks, which of the following is a good choice?

Question 11Refining Estimates may be necessary for a number of reasons. For example, a manager getting further into a project and obtaining a better understanding of what needs to be done to accomplish a project and meet the needs of the customer is an example of

Question 12Which of the following is a good condition for top-down estimating?

Question 13Which of the following would best represent direct project costs?

Question 14Learning curves are more likely to be applied in situations where most of the costs are

Question 15Which of the following methods is  NOT considered a top-down approach to estimating project time and cost?

Question 16The bottom-up approach for estimating times and costs that uses costs from past projects that were similar to the current project is known as

Question 17Jose is forecasting project time and cost for constructing a new building by multiplying the total square footage by a given dollar amount. Which of the following methods is he using?

Question 18Refining estimates may be necessary for a number of reasons. For example, people working on prototype development needing time to interact with the design engineers after the design is completed is a good example of

Question 19Large projects that have long time horizons and a very high complexity can be referred to as

Question 20Ed is looking over the actual results of projects and comparing them to what was estimated. He notices that the projects that took six months or longer to complete were noticeably more off the estimates. Which of the following factors is he recognizing?

Question 21Which of the following is  NOT one of the basic rules to follow when developing project networks?

Question 22One piece of information that the arrows within the Activity-on-Node network can convey is

Question 23The assumption that all immediate preceding activities must be 100% complete is too restrictive in some situations. When an activity is broken down into smaller segments in order to start the succeeding activity sooner, this is called

Question 24The amount of delay within a task that will not delay the overall project is known as a

Question 25Concurrent engineering, which has dramatically reduced the development time for new products, relies on what kind of lag?

Question 26A project network provides the basis for ________.

Question 27Tom is responsible for ordering hardware for a custom home his company is building. The contractor installing the hardware is scheduled to start in 5 working days, but the hardware is on backorder and will not arrive for another 9 working days. Fortunately, Tom has 10 days of slack; however, he shares this slack with the hardware installer. He will have to let the contractor know that the hardware will be ready 4 days later than expected and that the slack for the installer has been reduced by 4 days. Tom and the installer share 10 days of

Question 28Which of the following will correctly calculate the total slack in an activity?

Question 29________ activities are to be completed immediately following a particular activity.

Question 30When translated into a project network, a work package will become