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Strayer BUS517 Quiz 3 Latest 2020 April

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BUS517 Project Management

Quiz 3

Question 1After your team has successfully identified potential risks that could affect the project, what is the next step?

Question 2Which of the following is  NOT involved in risk control?

Question 3This response is used to remove any uncertainly associated with an identified Opportunity.

Question 4The risk management tool that is divided into three color-coded zones representing major, moderate, and minor risks is the risk

Question 5An unanticipated event that occurs which is beneficial to a project is known as a(n)

Question 6Which of the following is identified to cover major unforeseen risks and, hence, are applied to the total project?

Question 7Which of the following is  NOT one of the potential responses to a specific risk event?

Question 8This response is used to increase the potential effect of an identified Opportunity.

Question 9Which of the following activities might you consider adding a time buffer to?

Question 10A ________ (responsible for the work package) involved in risk assessment and mitigation will help focus attention on all aspects of risk management.

Question 11In a resource-constrained project, the first priority in assigning resources is usually given to activities with the

Question 12A special truck that George needs on his project has been scheduled on another project. This is an example of what type of resource constraint?

Question 13Resources are adequate, but demand varies widely over the life of the project. Delaying noncritical activities to lower peak demand on resources is known as resource

Question 14All of the following are types of resource constraints EXCEPT

Question 15When there are not enough people, money, and/or equipment available for a project it is known as being

Question 16Sam, the project engineer, has been scheduled to run the product system test at the same time he is to build a marketing prototype. This is an example of what type of resource constraint?

Question 17All of the following are benefits of scheduling resources before project implementation EXCEPT

Question 18Most of the scheduling methods available today require the project manager to classify the project as either ________ constrained or ________ constrained.

Question 19If resources are not adequate to meet peak demands, the resulting reschedule is termed

Question 20When developing a new software package, logically, the software must be designed before the code is written, and the code must be written before it is tested. These activities are dependent on each other by ________ constraints.

Question 21Cost slope can be determined by dividing the

Question 22When it is necessary to reduce project duration and resources are constrained, which of the following is  NOT a reasonable option?

Question 23An activity's normal time and cost are 8 and $100, respectively. Its estimated crash time and cost are 6 and $160, respectively. What is this activity's crash cost per time unit?

Question 24The less steep the cost slope of an activity, the

Question 25Sometimes very high ________ costs are recognized before a project begins and reducing these costs through shorter project durations becomes a high priority.

Question 26As a project is crashed and project duration is reduced, direct costs typically

Question 27Which of the following is  NOT one of the more commonly used options for cutting project costs?

Question 28When a project manager must reduce project duration but resources are constrained, creating a software program that will have fewer features than originally planned or building a house without the bonus room the owner originally specified in the plans would both be examples of

Question 29The shortest possible time an activity can be completed realistically is called ________ time.

Question 30As a project is crashed and project duration is reduced, indirect costs typically