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Regis NU629 Week 6 Assignment Latest 2020 MAY

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NU629 Health Promotion - Disease Prevention

Week 6 Assignment

Population-Specific Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Paper – Rough Draft Sections 1–3 Required, 1–4 Encouraged


Remember that one of the goals of this assignment is to further develop your academic writing skills. To assist in this, I am asking that you utilize Smarthinking and Pearson Writing Center here at Regis. In taking advantage of these resources, you should begin to see improvements in your writing and APA formatting. Don’t forget that there are also tutoring resources available within Smarthinking.

Please review the paper requirements, which can be found in Week 10, and submit your rough draft of your paper along with a current Smarthinking report. At a minimum, your draft should include completed Sections 1–3; however, to get the most from a faculty review of your work, you are highly encouraged to submit Sections 1–4. The page guideline for this assignment is 5–8 pages with a minimum of 5 scholarly references, 2 of which should be new sources that were not provided in the course. The page requirements do not include the title page, references, or appendices.

Note: If you do not submit a current Smarthinking Report with your rough draft, you will automatically receive a zero for this assignment.