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Regis NU630 Week 8 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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NU630 Advance Nursing Research

Week 8 Assignment  

Recruiting Participants for Your EBP Proposal


For this assignment, write the Sample Section of your EBP Project Proposal in a Word document.

Here is a Week 8 Sample Section Example (Word) of what the sample section can look like.

Sample Section Guidelines

This section covers your planned recruitment and ethical considerations for your future participants. It should take up about two to three pages, or approximately 350 to 500 words. The purpose is to tell the reader what your recruitment plan is for the study. You should have subheadings throughout this section of the paper.

In this section, write about the following:

Sample: Cover the following points in no more than two paragraphs each:

How subjects will be recruited

What the inclusion criteria will be (for more expansion, you may add the exclusion criteria to show what was consciously eliminated)

The type of sample (random, purposive, convenience, etc.)

The proposed sample size and rationale for this choice

The selection method (random table of numbers, flip a coin, etc.— this depends on the type of study)

Although this subsection should cover all these items, it may be written in a narrative style.

Setting: Keeping in mind that this is a proposed setting, and it should not be recognizable for confidentiality and privacy reasons. It is a broad view of the setting. For example:

The proposed setting for this study is a large teaching hospital in the northeast. The actual place where the study would be carried out is in the three medical–surgical units in this hospital. Each unit has a bed capacity of 25–30 beds with occupancy rates of 92% to 95%. The study will take place in a private conference room.

Or, if a mailed questionnaire or survey is to be used:

The proposed setting for data collection will be by mailing the questionnaire to the homes of the subjects. The researcher would be mailing the questionnaires from home with a return-addressed, stamped envelope.

Informed Consent and Ethical Considerations: Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval will be obtained. The researcher will submit an application and proposal to the Regis College IRB first. After approval from Regis College, the institution where the study will take place usually requires IRB approval as well. The request or application may be one of three types:

Exempt from review: This is for studies with no intervention or may be just for a medical record review.

Expedited review: This is for minimal risk to subjects—physical or psychological.

Complete institutional review: This is for studies that may pose a risk to subjects.

Please address means of protecting human subjects, such as the use of pseudonyms for qualitative studies and the use of numbers to identify subjects in quantitative studies. Data storage must be addressed. Make certain that identifying data (informed consent document) is maintained in a locked file separate from de-identified data (demographics, surveys, transcripts) that also will be maintained in a locked file in the researcher’s locked office.


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Regis NU630 Week 8 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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