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Regis HP609 Week 7 Assignment 2 Latest 2020 February

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HP609 Health Policy, Politics, and Perspectives

Week 7 Assignment 2

Video Testimony for Medicare-for-All

InstructionsFor this assignment, you will complete a video of your testimony regarding the Medicare-for-All proposal that you feel is the best policy approach to behavioral health in terms of benefits, coverage, and consumer cost sharing. If you think that none of the current Medicare-for-All proposals are the best alternative and wish to oppose a particular bill in favor of the ACA or a public option, that is acceptable.

To Create Your Video:

Your video should be 2.5 to 3 minutes in length.

Use the Zoom Tutorial to create your video using Zoom. Choose the tutorial located in the orientation for the program that you are enrolled in: MHA, Nursing, or MPH.

When your video is complete, use the YouTube Instructions to create an unlisted video URL. Choose the tutorial located in the orientation for the program that you are enrolled in: MHA, Nursing, or MPH.

Post the video YouTube URL to this assignment and include a written script of your video. The references can be on the script.

Guidelines for Written Testimony

(three to five pages long, double spaced, 12 inch font Times New Roman)

Introduce yourself!

Include your full name, and the name of the organization you are representing. Assuming you are testifying on a health care issue, say you are an RN, or a student nurse, a health administration student, and/or state what you do professionally, if applicable. You may have some other expertise worth sharing personal or professional. – if you are the parent of a disabled child testifying on disability legislation, say so.

What does the legislation do, what is your opinion and why, and what are you recommending legislators do?

At the beginning of your testimony, state clearly what the legislation does and your position on it. Are you there to speak for it, or against it, or recommend some changes? Do not assume the committee members are familiar with the legislation, so a brief explanation of what the legislation does is needed.

What is the rationale for your position? For example, why the legislation is needed, or not needed, or why it should be changed and how? In this section, you should provide supporting information for your position, including evidence, statistics, and make other cogent arguments. This should not be just about your opinion or your emotional reaction to a policy issue. You need to back up your position with facts and supporting evidence. What are its implications for improving health care? Use APA citations and references. Watch the sources you are citing – use credible sources!

Make recommendations to legislators on how you want legislators to act in relation to the legislation - oppose or support it; make changes in it, or proceed with caution because of certain concerns with it that you have raised with them.

Thank you!

Thank members of the legislative committee for listening to you and let them know that you can be contacted for more information (your contact information should be at the end of your written testimony).

Guidelines for Oral Testimony

Introduce yourself and the organization you are representing.

Do not read your written testimony – make a few notes to refer to, if needed.

Summarize your testimony in two to three minutes.

Look at the committee members and speak loudly and clearly.

Thank the committee members and ask if they have any questions.

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Regis HP609 Week 7 Assignment 2 Latest 2020 February

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