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BSN436 2020 MAY Module 6 Assignment Latest

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BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice

Module 6 Assignment  

Prioritization of Care

The Prioritization of Care digital assignment provides a safe and convenient environment for students to practice clinical judgement and decision-making skills related to identifying and prioritizing patient care and needs.

Complete the Prioritization of Care virtual simulation activity which can be found by clicking Enter Virtual Simulation. Then debrief on the experience by creating a VoiceThread, video or a written essay.

Once you enter Sentinel Hospital


You’ll enter the lobby and be led to the hospital map

Clicking SKIP will take you directly to map

Select Location: Emergency Room Or BSN Essential: •VII. Clinical Prevention and Population Health or IX. Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice

All levels of simulation fidelity or reality have become an integral component in the preparation of healthcare workers for practice in recent years. This new digital technology increases new skill retention and performance through immersive engagement while learning. The digital environment offers reproducible conditions that can contribute to the development of non-technical skills of communication, teamwork, and decision-making, essential in today’s healthcare (Peddle, Bearman & Nestel, 2016).

Virtual simulation has been used in the airline industry for many years, requiring new pilots to train on flight simulators before commanding a passenger flight (Alinier, Hunt, Gordon & Harwood, 2006).

The United States military has used virtual worlds to train military personnel for disaster and emergency preparedness (Foronda, Godsall & Trybulski, 2013). Simulation has also been used in the preparation of physicians and the training of nurse anesthetists (Bremner, Aduddell, Bennett & VanGeest, 2006).

A team of Nurse Educators and Instructional Designers created Prioritization of Care to provide a learning environment unique to nursing and complementary to existing curricula.

From the safety of the home or the office, digital assignments like Prioritization of Care, presents students with situations they might not encounter in the course of clinically-based preparation.

Watch this brief video demo of Prioritization of Care.

Examples of work to show mastery:

1-2 page paper - APA format

2-3 slide PowerPoint presentation - APA format

2-3 minute video presentation - Submit a reference page in APA format