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Capella NHS8050 Unit 9 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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NHS8050 Preparing for the Professional Doctorate in Nursing and Health Sciences

Unit 9 Assignment      

Critical Review of the Literature – Final Paper

For this assignment, submit your final paper, a critical review of the literature.

Use the instructor and peer feedback you received on the draft paper you submitted in Unit 6 to help improve your work for this final submission.

For this final paper, complete the remaining sections (Recommendations, Conclusions, and References) you did not complete for your draft. This paper synthesizes your work on all of your assignments in Units 3, 5, and 6 into one final paper. Include your evidence table with a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed resources as an appendix to the paper.

Assignment Structure

Your final paper must include the following sections:

Title page.


Introduction. (3–5 paragraphs.)

Describe the topic you investigated.

Provide a brief background of this topic.

Explain why this topic is suitable for a professional doctoral project as opposed to a PhD research project.

Discuss a potential sponsoring organization that would be interested in the investigation of this topic.

Methods. (Methodology and search strategy used for literature search.)

Databases searched.

Key search terms used.

Number of articles accessed and number of articles used for the paper.

Critical Review.

Compare and contrast peer-reviewed articles and sources in your evidence table.

Provide analysis and synthesis of the articles.


A clear statement of possible solutions found in the literature related to the topic.

Specific planned actions of how this information will inform your future work on this topic.

An evaluation of the appropriateness of this topic with a possible sponsoring organization.

A description of possible next steps for use of this topic.


Summarize and tie together all the information. (3–5 paragraphs.)


Appendix: Evidence Table.


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Capella NHS8050 Unit 9 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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