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Capella NHS8040 Unit 7 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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NHS8040 21st-Century Health Care Leadership

Unit 7 Assignment

Project Charter Part 2


Continuing to draw from the gap, need, or opportunity for improvement identified in the leadership interview, complete Part 2 of the Project Charter Template begun in Unit 5.


The following instructions correspond to the assignment scoring guide criteria. Part 2 of the project charter should:

Summarize the proposed project.

Describe who, what, when, and where in a concise manner.

Include the estimated project duration and budget if applicable.

Align the project purpose with at least one strategic priority identified in the leadership interview, including rationale for change.

Justify the business case for the project.

Speculate as to the impact on people, processes, or systems.

Explain the objective evidence to support the need for the proposed project.

Provide contextual information identified during the leadership interview.

Include available local, regional, and national data as empirical evidence of the need for change and cite sources appropriately in APA format.

Justify choice of three SMART objectives related to the proposed project.

Summarize what the project will and will not address (project scope).

Summarize the project deliverables, including milestones.

Identify the high-level "products" to be created, such as an improved process, employee manual, or formal policy.

Include a timetable with daily, weekly, and monthly milestones.

Write coherently to support a central idea, using correct grammar, mechanics, and APA formatting.

Example assignment: You may use the assignment example, linked in the Resources, to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like.



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Capella NHS8040 Unit 7 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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