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Capella NHS8002 Unit 1 Discussion Latest 2019 December

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NHS8002 Collaboration, Communication, and Case Analysis for Doctoral Learners

Unit 1 Discussion        

Collaboration Across Disciplines

Introduction to Discussion Participation

Discussions in your Capella courses serve several purposes: they help you connect with your peers and instructors; they give you an opportunity to apply information from your unit readings; and they give you practice blending your own experiences with scholarly research and analysis. Drawing on what you know is fantastic but you must validate your knowledge and experience with support from research and analysis.

When discussions ask you to describe your own experiences and opinions, it is absolutely appropriate and expected that you write your post in first person—using pronouns such as I, my, me, or our, is fine in those situations. However, most of the time, you are expected to write discussions and assignments in the third-person voice of an objective observer, using pronouns such as it, they, he, or she.

In your Capella courses, you are expected to reference scholarly sources to support your opinions, positions, or statements. In questions involving case studies, these references should be in addition to the case study itself. Whenever you reference a source to support your ideas or opinions, you must cite that source following the current APA citation style. This refers to the rules and standards for documenting the sources used. (The APA Style and Format Campus page is linked in Resources.) Correctly using references and APA style in your academic work demonstrates your academic integrity and critical-thinking skills. Failure to cite sources is violation of academic honesty.

Before completing your first discussion post, you may also want to review the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to understand how your instructor will evaluate your discussion participation throughout the course. Refer to the Faculty Expectations message (FEM) for specific guidelines.


Review the media piece Riverbend City: Interprofessional Collaboration (linked in Resources) before you respond to this discussion.

All health care fields have one thing in common: they exist to serve community needs. Quite often, it takes the combined efforts of several agencies to effect a needed change or resolve a potentially harmful situation.

In the media piece, you were asked to choose 10 participants for a roundtable discussion to develop an emergency response plan for Riverbend City. From the list of names:

Identify your top five names and explain your reasons for choosing them as participants.

Identify any agencies or organizations not on the list of options that you think should have been represented and explain why you believe they should have been included.

Describe the unique contributions you could make to this discussion from the perspective of your specialization.

In formulating your answers, consider the perspective of the Whole Community approach, as articulated in the media presentation and the readings.

Response GuidelinesDiscussions are a way to share your experiences and learn from each other. Weekly discussions allow you to give and receive feedback and support, as well as to engage in dialogue that will challenge, clarify, and expand your understanding of course concepts.

Read and respond to your peers' discussion posts according to Faculty Expectations for Response Guidelines. As you read the posts, you may want to look specifically for differences or similarities in how you and your peers think about interprofessional collaboration. If there are areas in which you would like more insight, please ask questions.

Keep in mind that the objective of the response posts is to stimulate discussion, promote an exchange of ideas among learners, and most importantly to generate a sense of community among learners in the course room. With this in mind, please choose posts that has had few or no responses; in doing so, your responses will increase the sense of community among your fellow learners.

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Capella NHS8002 Unit 1 Discussion Latest 2019 December

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