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GCU NUR646 Week 8 Assignment Clinical Evaluation of Preceptor Latest 2019 December

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NUR646 Nursing Education Seminar 1

Week 8 Assignment

Clinical Evaluation of Preceptor by Student

Evaluate your preceptor using "Evaluation of Clinical Preceptor by Student" form.

Although this is an ungraded submission, it is a requirement for course completion.

Grand Canyon University

College of Nursing

Clinical Evaluation of Preceptor by Student

Student _________________________            Semester _________________________                                        

Location of practicum experience _________________________                                                        

Start Date             _____________     End Date _____________                

Preceptor Name ___________________           Preceptor Position ___________________      

1=Unacceptable, 2=Below Expectations, 3=Meets Expectations

Area of Evaluation           Evaluation          

Availability                          1    2    3   N/A

Expectation: Available to answer your questions, review your goals and objectives, listen to your presentations, and give meaningful feedback.


Role models                                                       1    2    3   N/A

Expectation:  Demonstrates understanding of the Nurse Educator role; serves as a good role model for the role.


Allow practice opportunities                       1    2    3    N/A

Expectation:  Allows you opportunities to assume increasing responsibility in program planning, implementation and evaluation, while considering limits according to present knowledge and experience.


Evidence-based Reasoning                          1    2    3    N/A

Expectation:  Leads you through steps of program planning and evaluation rather than enforcing personal thoughts and impressions.


Spirituality Dimension                    1    2    3    N/A

Expectation:  Incorporates spirituality into their education/practice.


Caring Dimension                             1    2    3    N/A

Expectation:  Demonstrates caring dimensions utilizing advocacy in their practice with an appreciation for social and ethical circumstances that may arise.


Critical Thinking Skills                      1    2    3    N/A

Expectation:  Applies critical thinking skills in educational practice.


Feedback                            1    2    3    N/A

Expectation:  Provides immediate and adequate feedback to questions, clinical performance, formal and informal presentations.


Research/Quality                                             1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: Implements evidence-based practice and applies continuous quality improvement in delivery of education.


Space/Time                                                        1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: Adequate space and time is available for you to meet course objectives.


Client types                                                        1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: Opportunities to provide health promotion and disease prevention education as well as education on disease diagnosis and management and nursing theory.


Diversity                              1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: Varied types of students/clients as to educational level, SES and other demographic characteristics.


Experience Selection                                                      1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: You are allowed to select experiences according to your learning needs and opportunities to master new skills.


Support staff                     1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: Accepting and appropriately helpful to you.

Teaching/Education opportunities                           1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: Instructional & AV materials available to supplement learning such as PowerPoint capability, simulation, computer support and site specific policy & procedure manuals as necessary for the practicum experience

Team approach/Community Resources                                 1    2    3    N/A

Expectation: Utilizes other members of the health team such as physicians, nutritionist, school nurse, etc. to plan and implement educational offerings.

When appropriate, community resources, other agencies and professional disciplines are involved with planning educational needs.


You are encouraged (but not required) to share this evaluation with your preceptor. If you share the evaluation, the preceptor should indicate that by signing below. A positive evaluation is a document the preceptor can place in their professional portfolio. Electronic signatures required in Word format.

Electronic signatures required in Word format

Preceptor’s Signature    _________________________            Date                                                                     

Student’s Signature        _________________________            Date                                                                     

Faculty Review                  _________________________             Date