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MPH502 Module 6 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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MPH502 Principles of Epidemiology

Module 6 Assignment

Epidemiology Triangle Paper

Course Outcomes

This assignment provides documentation of student ability to meet the following course outcome:

CO 7: Examine epidemiologic and biologic aspects of infectious and chronic diseases. (POs 2 and 3)

Due Date

Submit your completed application by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT of Week 6 as directed.


The Epidemiology Triangle Paper is worth 50 points and will be graded on use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and overall organization based on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria and rubric.

Create your exercise using Microsoft Word (a part of Microsoft Office), which is the required format for all Chamberlain University documents. You can tell that the document is saved as a MS Word document because it will end in .docx

Follow the directions and grading criteria closely. Any questions about your assignment may be posted under the Q & A Forum.

The length of the exercise is to be no less than one page and no greater than two pages excluding title page and reference pages.

APA format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headings (upper and lower case, centered, boldface):

Note: Introduction—Write an introduction but do not use "Introduction" as a heading in accordance with the rules put forth in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.

Preparing Your Epidemiology Triangle Paper

For the purpose of this exercise:

In a one- to two-page summary, evaluate what is meant by the epidemiologic triangle.

Define the three elements of the triangle.

Apply the elements of the triangle to a health problem or disease.

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MPH502 Module 6 Assignment Latest 2020 January

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