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PSYC315 Week 8 Final Exam Latest 2019 December

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Question 1

CO 5. There has been a bumper crop of politicians who have been revealed to be less than upstanding citizens. John Edwards, a former senator who was in the running for the 2008 presidential nomination, and who said family values were at his core, was revealed to have had an affair with a campaign worker, at the same time his wife was battling cancer. Similarly, New York governor Eliot Spitzer, a married, moralizing crusader for laws against sexual tourism, was caught in an escort service "sting", and forced to resign. These are only two of several recent examples of politicians who have celebrity status, and flaunted the social norms of decency.

Apply the course concepts of the dark side of self-esteem and moral hypocrisy to this type of behavior. What do you conclude about people who behave in such a way? Hint: Explicitly use each concept by name and also give a one sentence definition of it before explaining how the concepts apply to these people.

Question 2

CO's 4 and 12. At the 1994 Winter Olympics, American figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan became embroiled in bitter conflict. Harding, envious of the attention the media paid to Kerrigan, arranged for an attack on her at the Olympic trials. Harding's husband and a confederate, accosted Kerrigan with a pipe, and struck her hard on the knee, causing significant injury. When the facts of the matter became public, Harding was banned for life from participating in competition figure skating.

This is a two part question:

a.  What is it about the fundamental nature and structure of the Olympics that helps explain why the conflict arose and escalated?

b.  Was the form of aggression displayed by the attackers hostile aggression or instrumental aggression? Explain your reasoning. (Note: you must make a decision between these alternatives and defend your decision.)

Question 3

CO 9. Barack Obama became a very hot political commodity in 2006 when he caught the attention and imagination of the American public by announcing his intention to run for President in 2008. He is a tall, nice looking, and a very articulate individual, which quickly made him a media darling. Some media watchers have described his impact as similar to a rock star.

Name two (2) factors of interpersonal attraction mentioned in the textbook that would explain his attractiveness to audiences.

Question 4

CO 6. What is the difference between the Prisoner's Dilemma, and the Tragedy of the Commons?

Question 5 CO 3. Felipe is talking to a group of other students. They are discussing their views of cheating at school. Felipe says that he has very high standards, and would not cheat. Which one of the following aspects of self-concept explains Felipe's position?

Group of answer choices

social identity

personal identity



Question 6

CO 13. Militant anti-abortion groups are socially deviant groups, by definition. They use violent aggression to get their messages across to their opponents, and to attack radical fringe supporters. People have been killed or seriously injured in bombings of abortion clinics and shootings of workers and physicians. All of the public attention is in effect, a payoff for the anti-social violence. Other groups have behaved similarly in the past, and the technique seems to have been successful. What theory or concept of aggression in the textbook corresponds to the argument that anti-abortion group violence continues because it is effective in getting attention, and reflects an imitation of observed behaviors of other people?

Group of answer choices

social learning theory

hostile aggression theory

frustration-aggression hypothesis

equity theory of motivation

Question 7

CO 1. The attribution a person makes when his or her spouse says something nasty depends on the happiness of the marriage. The context of the comments seems to be important. Which one of the following concepts does this portray?

Group of answer choices

social behavior is a function of what we believe

social behavior is a function of the objective situation

social behavior is a function of how the situation is construed

social behavior is a function of neither the objective situation or how it is construed

Question 8 CO 8.  Using the definition in the text, which one of the following examples is NOT a group?

Group of answer choices

a doctor and her patient

three people sharing a taxi, and deciding who gets dropped off first

four students working together on a class project

five people who are riding a city bus to downtown

Question 9

CO 4. After seeing several advertisements for the Powerball lottery, you imagine living the life of the rich and famous for yourself. This future self-schema you imagine is an example of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices

gloried self

feared self

possible self

hoped-for self

Question 10

CO 2.  You are interested in whether the high price of gasoline will influence how people will perceive future car purchases. You want to specifically target those individuals who will be purchasing a vehicle within the next six months. The method must be able to be administered to a large number of people in a simple and direct way. Which is the best approach to completing this research?

Group of answer choices

ask people to come to your lab, and put them through a car purchasing simulation

administer a survey to the specific target group you are studying

unobtrusively follow people around two or three car dealership sales floors, observing the makes of cars that they look at first and longest (field study)

Question 11

CO 11. Henry is asked to participate in a blood drive. He thinks about the costs (being pricked by a needle) and the benefits (feeling good about himself) of doing so. This strategy is an example of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices

social responsibility norm

empathy-altruism hypothesis

social comparison theory

social exchange theory

Question 12

CO 7.  If an attorney purposely creates a Prisoner's Dilemma-like situation for two suspects, the attorney's goal is which one of the following?

Group of answer choices

trick one or the other into revealing what really happened

create an incentive for one of them to confess, while the other maintains innocence

create the incentive for each of them to confess privately

achieve the greatest punishment for both suspects

 Question 13

CO 3. After losing the third hand of poker in a row, and running out of chips, Georgio walks over to the wall and hits it so hard with his fist that he makes a big hole in the drywall, releasing his anger on something other than himself. This is an example of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices


hostile aggression

Parkinson's Second Law


Question 14

CO 9. Maureen and Elaine are both older students who are new to Crossroad University, and do not know each other. However, they are in several classes together and soon develop a friendship. Which one of the following explains this?

Group of answer choices

compatibility of interests


cultural similarity

how often their paths cross

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