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Eastern HSA3223 Research Paper Latest 2019 September

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Due on: 11/19/2019
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HSA3223 Management of Long Term Care Facilities

Research Paper


Briefly describe a current theoretical approach to long-term Healthcare 5

Critically appraise the literature related to the model including

• Review of the existing literature

• Interpretation of research that supports its evidence-based application

• Shown (old/existing models) or predicted (new, emerging models) clinical, educational and/or research outcomes

• Identification of gaps in the literature related to the model 30

Describe the stakeholders: their investment, what they have to gain, as sources of bias 5

Analyze the cost of implementing the model (start-up costs, cost effectiveness, cost benefit, etc.), the suitability of which will depend upon the availability of data and other resources 5

Explore methods to facilitate adoption of this model


Analyze a current approach used to promote adoption of the model including successes and failures and suggest approaches that may have facilitated the implementation of the model 10

Describe potential barriers to implementation of the model and present solutions to overcome the barriers 1

What aspects of the community could impact the success of the implementation of this model? Review policy/legal, ethical, societal, cultural, and leadership implications of the model 15

Discuss future directions in application of the model (anything goes) 5

Paper reads logically without typographical/spelling errors, improper grammar, or poor sentence structure 5

Style and Presentation

• APA format, 6th ed., to reference all citations, formulate bibliography, headings, etc.

• 3 Peer reviewed journals are utilized (no older than 5 yrs) 10 .


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Eastern HSA3223 Research Paper Latest 2019 September

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