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Walden NURS3100 Week 6 Assignment 2 Latest 2019 April

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NURS3100 Issues/Trends in Nursing

Week 6 Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Journal: Observe, Process, and Reflect

Glasses and PenAs mentioned in Week 1 Assignment 2, the objective of the Journal Assignment is to provide you with a private place to “think on the page.” As a reminder, the Journal is not formal writing, and only you and your Instructor will see your Journal Assignment. Although these assignments are meant to be free writing, you should revise before submitting.

As you write, think about the audience to whom you are writing and the difference between personal writing and scholarly writing. Your Journal writing falls into the category of personal writing and should be approached in that way. Think of the Journal as an academic reflection space.

To prepare

Review the Week 6 Assignment 2 Rubric from the Course Information area.

Review the information about how to complete Journal Assignments.

Think about the feelings you have experienced while completing your first BSN course.

Reflect on your goals and think about how you plan to achieve them.

Think about the material you encountered in the course this week and consider one aspect of the classroom resources (Assignments, Discussions, or assigned readings) that surprised you. Be sure to think about why the material interested you as a thinker.

Set a timer (on the stove, a clock, or on your phone) and write for 10 minutes without stopping.

You may find it helpful to use the following format as a guide for your Journal writing:

Observe. Describe the week’s content and resources as if you are writing to a person who has not seen, heard, or observed them.

Process. Answer the question, “What does this content or topic mean?”

Reflect. Answer the question, “What is the value of understanding this material?”

This Assignment is for you to share your feelings. There are no rules, and you will not be graded on your writing.

By Day 7

Submit a minimum 150-word Journal Assignment. How do you feel about completing your first BSN course? What are your goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?

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Walden NURS3100 Week 6 Assignment 2 Latest 2019 April

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