bus105 Final Exam Part II: Written Essay

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Final Exam Part II: Written Essay

Important note about Part II: Under the supervision of your proctor, please type your essay in a word processor, save it, and upload it using the button below. Direct input in a textbox is not advisable because this page will time out after a short period, and any work would be lost. Because of the potential of a timeout, we advise you to save this essay locally in case you need to access it.

You should save the file as a doc, docx, rtf, or txt file.

Your proctor can clarify this information if you have questions.

PART II: You will spend the remainder of the two-hour time limit on Part II, which will contain a pre-selected topic. You will write a 400-word essay in response to this topic. We have provided two sources that you must use in order to earn full credit for the essay.

In writing this part of the final examination, you should format as a Memorandum. Once the time limit expires, the proctor will require that you submit your essay.

Your essay will be graded on the following criteria:


Adherence to assignment instructions (including the required use of the sources we provide) and objectives


Clarity of main points, organization of information, paragraph structure


Elaboration of main points, use of examples, anticipation of the reader’s concerns, provision of necessary explanations based on audience

Tone & Style

Professionalism, word choice, appropriateness of tone, font style, and white space


Grammar and punctuation, MLA-style formatting of in-text citations

BUS105: Business Communication

Proctored Final Exam: Written Portion

This written exam will assess the following BUS 105 objectives:

  1. Production of high quality writing
    • content, organization, style
    • grammar, mechanics, usage
  2. Analysis of audience and purpose
  3. Formatting of business documents
  4. Use of research and sources
  • At least 400 words
  • Business memorandum (memo)
  • Memo heading
  • Standard font
  • Single-spaced, with a double-space between paragraphs
  • MLA style for source citations
Primary Audience:Your direct supervisor and Board of Directors

Provided to you via PDF. Use only these sources, and do not consult your textbook or any other source--either online or print-based--in writing this exam. If you do notcomply with this guideline, you will earn zero points for this portion of the exam.

TOPIC: Millennials in the Workforce

You are the assistant manager of recruitment at a small marketing firm that is expanding rapidly. Your supervisor needs to recruit new employees, and you have been given the task of researching one specific segment of the workforce: millennials. You have been given two sources to review, and your job is to write a short report that can be used as a guide to inform these recruitment strategies.

Your report should consider the following questions, in addition to any other points you feel are important:

  • What seem to be some of the pros and cons of millennial employees?

  • What are some specific strategies forrecruiting,managing, andretaining millennials?

  • Would you recommend adopting a strategy to recruit millennials specifically? Why or why not?

Your supervisor has given you two resources to review in drafting your report. To earn full credit, you will incorporate both of these resources into your report to support your arguments and recommendations.

Because your findings will be presented to the Board of Directors, your supervisor has specifically requested that you organize this short report using the indirect arrangement. Thus, you will need a brief yet informative introduction that prepares your readers for your recommendations. Presenting the supporting data before your ultimate recommendations will prepare the reader to accept your solution to this problem.

Write up a short report of at least 400 words describing your findings and recommendations.

The primary audience for this report is your direct supervisor, and the secondary audience is the Board of Directors. Thus, you should adopt an appropriate tone for this audience. Your recommendations need to be clear so that your company can move forward with its recruitment strategies.

You will format this report as a business memorandum (memo).

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bus105 Final Exam Part II: Written Essay

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