BTN536 - Histology and Cytochemical

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BTN 536 Rush University Histology and Cytochemical Papers

BTN536 (HISTOLOGY) Research Assignment 2

Content (Important information in footnote):

Look up a published scientific research article in an area of interest to you that used a histological stain (other than hematoxylin/eosin) to generate some (or all) of the data for the study1 and read it. (You may not use articles on which either Dr. Virdi and/or Dr. Al Ghoul are authors.) The article should be a primary source, not a review or book chapter.

First, give an overview of the research topic you have chosen. For example, if you read an article about the specific stains for identifying morphological features: describe the type of tissue used (briefly), then give any essential background knowledge needed to understand the molecule(s) to be stained. This is typically covered in the article’s introduction—if not, you should find a review on the topic to give you the necessary background material. Please limit this section to a paragraph (or two at most).

Second, write a summary (in your own words!) of the goals, methods and results of the study. DO NOT copy and paste the abstract; we will know if you do this! Be sure to adequately describe the methodology used and the major findings of the investigation. The summary should be in paragraph form using complete sentences; do not use bullet points. Overall, this section should be a paragraph or two in length.

Third, describe the significance of the study. How do the results advance scientific knowledge and any application to disease state? Or how do the results of the study move the research field forward?


The assignment should be typed using a word processing program and should not exceed 1 page of single-spaced text, with standard 1 inch margins and 11-12 point font (in the general vicinity of 500 words). For all parts of the assignment, you should use professional language and write at college level. A good place to start is The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, which has open access articles and PDFs that can be downloaded / saved. There are also MANY other online journals such as the collection of BioMed Central journals, Anatomical Record, Molecular Vision, Bentham Open journals, the e-journals in Rush Library, etc.

Due date is February 21st, 2020 (midnight). Late submissions will be subject to 1 point deduction. No submissions will be accepted after February 22nd, 2020 (midnight) and you will forfeit all points. Submit your assignment on BlackBoard portal. Add your last name in filenames. Turn in two attachments:

1. One page written assignment.

2. A PDF of the article you read.

Final Word: Choose an article on a topic that interests you. Your writing will likely reflect your level of motivation and enthusiasm for the topic!

Important Note – The article may contain other histological methods (including immunofluorescence) but for this assignment you will only present information on histological stains

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BTN536 - Histology and Cytochemical

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