Ashford COUC546 Psychology Paper - DSM-5-TR Summaries

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COUC 546 Ashford University Psychology Paper



Throughout your career as a counselor, you will be required to assess and diagnose clients. To engage in this practice in a competent manner, you will need to have a good working knowledge of the DSM-5-TR including the general categories and the specific disorders that are contained in each category. This DSM-5-TR Summaries Assignment will introduce you to the more common categories that you will encounter as a counselor.


 You will have four sets of summaries to complete, each due during a different Module/Week. Each set will contain a 1-page summary of each of the following categories of disorders:  

 Summary Set 3, DSM-5-TR Summaries: Third Assignment (choose 3 categories from this list; 1 page per category=3 pages of content):

 Personality Disorders Somatic Symptoms Neurodevelopmental Schizophrenia Spectrum

You will write a one-page summary for EACH category. Summaries must include:

Overview – a brief overview of the general category. In one or two sentences, identify the characteristic(s) that all the disorders in the category share. (Example: in the Depressive disorders, all the disorders are characterized by feelings of sadness.) Disorders – For each disorder in the category, write one or two sentences that provide a brief description of the disorder. In the Overview, you noticed what is similar across the disorders in the category; in the Disorders section, you will identify the main feature of each disorder that distinguishes it from the rest of the category (e.g., time frames, severity, types of symptoms, etc.) Risk and Prognostic Factors – Choose one disorder from each category and provide a brief summary of the risk and prognostic factors as found in the DSM-5-TR.

 You will organize each summary by using the current edition of APA headings. Start each summary with the category title using a Level 1 APA heading. Overview, Disorders and Risk and Prognostic Factors should be Level 2 headings.

You will include an APA title page and reference page. An abstract is not needed. Remember, the graduate program at Liberty uses the guidelines for “Professional” papers, not the “Student” version.

As this is primarily a summary of the DSM, you may start your DSM-5-TR Summaries Assignment paper with the statement “All of the following information was taken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5th Edition, Text Revision (American Psychiatric Association, 2022) unless otherwise noted.” When including this statement, you do not need to use in-text citations for the DSM-5-TR. Using other sources is not recommended; however, if you use additional sources, you will need to cite and reference them.

This DSM-5-TR Summaries Assignment must be a paraphrase of the information you find in the DSM-5-TR or your textbook. You may not use any quotations.

Be sure to review the DSM-5-TR Summaries Grading Rubric before beginning this DSM-5TR Summaries Assignment.


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Ashford COUC546 Psychology Paper - DSM-5-TR Summaries

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