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Devry POLI330 Week 2 Quiz Latest 2019 JULY

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POLI330 Political Science

Week 2 Quiz

Question 1 Which author focused on how to “arrange” society in a methodological way?

Karl Marx

Francis Bacon


B. F. Skinner

John Locke

Question 2 What did Marx believe would happen once private property was eliminated?

Proletariat upheaval

The beginning of revolution in the form of armed conflict

The emergence of a technologically-driven society

The end of social inequality

New models for human behavior

Question 3 Whose work is considered to offer a dystopian vision of society?


Francis Bacon

Karl Marx

B. F. Skinner

George Orwell

Question 4 Which country has the modern world’s first, and oldest, constitutional democracy?

The United States





Question 5 Which of the following best represents the ideas of John Locke?

Meaningful freedom could not exist without written laws.

The rule of law was unacceptable because it suppressed individual freedoms.

Government must be free to function without restrictions.

The seventeenth century saw limited advances in the rule of law.

Reason is always influenced by passion.

Question 6 Which of the following is an idea inherent in a constitutional democracy?

The majority always gets its way.

Government should be responsive, limited, and effective.

Ineffective government is an unavoidable side-effect.

There should be a popularly elected head of state.

The majority is never morally correct.

Question 7 What was the legislative body of the United States was designed to be?

Tyranny of the majority



Cosmopolitan Democracy


Question 8 In the Western tradition, what does the broad meaning of “justice” involve?

Questions of proper punishment for violations of the law

Questions of who should be elected

Questions of distribution

Questions of power

Questions of protection

Question 9 In establishing the American democratic republic, the Founding Fathers borrowed from the works of all of the following earlier thinkers EXCEPT

Thomas Hobbes

Alexis de Tocqueville

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Niccolò Machiavelli

Baron de Montesquieu

Question 10 Even if we could create a utopian society, why would it not survive?

It would be impossible to continue a perfect society.

Outside influences would destroy it from within.

Citizens could not resist the urge to make it more perfect.

A perfect society would be static, but the world is always changing.

Perfection cannot remain balanced indefinitely, and most likely could not correct itself.?

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Devry POLI330 Week 2 Quiz Latest 2019 JULY

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