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Harper PHI115 Argumentative Formal Paper

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Argumentative Formal Paper due by 11:59 pm on Sunday in Week 7

See attachments for instructions and the Ethics Bowl Cases.

Here is a video that carefully walks you through what you will need to do in this paper: Video Instructions

Carefully review this video on Plagiariam. Every semester some students earn 0 points on this paper (which is 20% of your grade!), because they plagiarized.

In order to write your paper, you will need to come up with a thesis statement for which you argue. I suggest developing your thesis statement as a response to a specific question. Below I have provided you with a suggested question for each of the cases. You are not limited to writing in response to one of these questions, however, I strongly encourage it (because each question is devised to highlight an ethical issue. If you devise your own question, then be careful to make sure that it focuses on an ethical issue):

Case 2 – Is the use of CRISPER-CAS 9 Gene Therapy ethically responsible given its risk?

Case 3 – Should AI algorithms be used to make major medical decisions?

Case 4 – Is the production of “fast fashion” clothing an ethically justifiable practice?

Case 5 – Is the practice of grabbing unsuspecting males to move closer to the stage morally permissible for a woman at a crowded concert?

Case 6 – Under what conditions is involuntary commitment ethically justified?

Case 7 – Should there be mandatory age requirements for internships?

Case 8 – Is it ever ethically wrong to provide humanitarian aid?

Case 9 – Is it ever ethically permissible to out a person? (And if so, then under what circumstances?)

Case 10 – Are all municipalities obligated to pass laws such as the ones stated in the case?

Case 11 – Is there any moral problem with the BRC’s offer to cremate the remains of donors after having retrieved tissue samples from the donors?

Case 12 – Are sex-robot brothels an ethically defensible alternative to the sex trade?

Case 13 – Under what circumstances, if any, is it immoral to take a selfie?

Case 14 – Should laws restrict the extent to which AI technology can be employed?

Case 15 – What requirements, if any, should be placed on how Hollywood casts actors in regards to the age of the actor?

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Harper PHI115 Argumentative Formal Paper

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