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Devry JADM485 Week 3 Assignment REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Latest 2019 JULY

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JADM485 Security Intelligence Analysis

Week 3 Assignment


The subject matter for your Week 3 Reflective Journal Assignment is detailed below. Each activity should be answered based upon information from the discussions, readings, assignments, and personal reflections. References to concepts in the textbook and course material should be included. Your Reflective Journal Assignment should be written from a first-person perspective and should be academic in tone. Your paper should be approximately 500 words (excluding the cover page, citations, etc) and at least one reference in APA format.

Your Week 3 Reflective Journal will be graded based on the Reflective Journal grading rubric. Please answer all questions indicated below.

Individually, consider the Jonathan Luna case and respond to the Analytic Value Added questions on page 72 of Cases in Intelligence Analysis.

Why would someone target Jonathan Luna for murder?

What are the most important controversies surrounding the case?

What is the most important evidence in the case?

What additional information should law enforcement seek out?

While responding to these questions, consider the development of your timeline with your group.

How did your individual analysis of the Jonathan Luna case help you to contribute to the development of the timeline?

What questions on page 53 of Structured Analytic Techniques did you help answer?

Don't forget to submit your assignment.

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Devry JADM485 Week 3 Assignment REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Latest 2019 JULY

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