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Walden NURS3100 Week 6 Assignment 1 Latest 2019 April

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NURS3100 Issues/Trends in Nursing

Week 6 Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Quality Nursing (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to Week 6, the final week of this 2-part assignment!

Quality As you learned in previous weeks, effectiveness and efficiency are improved in your nursing practice by following and measuring Quality Indicators (QIs). In Week 4 you learned how quality, safety, and outcomes are vastly improved by monitoring and adjusting nursing practice for QIs.

You have learned many new skills as well! You learned to utilize the Walden Library, Grammarly, and Safe Assign; to cite articles using APA in-text citations; and to summarize your colleagues’ work. Give yourself a “pat on the back”!

In this Week 6 Assignment, you revisit your paper one last time. This Assignment gives you the opportunity to thoroughly review your paper and incorporate your instructor’s feedback that you received in Week 4. You will also learn more about the “Safe Assign” program.

When it comes to writing, “practice makes perfect.” Enjoy the practice!

To prepare

Review the Week 6 Assignment Rubric from the Course Information area.

Review the AWE Checklist and Additional Resources for your Assignment:

2000/3000 AWE Level Assignment Template

TOP Ten BSN References and Citations

Review your Week 4 Assignment (Quality Nursing: Part 1) and the feedback that you received from your instructor (both within the paper and in the gradebook comments).

Review the Week 5 Summary (Quality Nursing: Part 2) of your assignment by your fellow student.

Review “Q. How Do I Proofread or Revise?” (Walden University, n.d.-k) from this week’s Writing Resources and Program Success Tools.

Use the 2000/3000 AWE Level Assignment Template to complete your Assignment.

Assignment: Revision of Quality Nursing Paper

Revise your paper as needed to reflect the feedback that you received from your instructor within the paper and in the gradebook comments.

Compose a paragraph about what you learned from writing and rewriting the Week 4 and Week 6 Assignments. For example, did you learn how to become a more organized writer; are you more adept at accessing Library resources; do you have a better understanding of how to cite resources using APA Style? This paragraph should be inserted before the conclusion paragraph (see the Assignment Template in your Week 4 Learning Resources for assistance in placement).

Do not submit your revised paper to the SafeAssign Draft area of the course this week unless you have made major revisions to your paper. SafeAssign will recognize your Week 4 draft and give you a high SafeAssign Score. Thus, if you are satisfied with the integrity of your Assignment, submit it for grading.

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Walden NURS3100 Week 6 Assignment 1 Latest 2019 April

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