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BSN437 2019 April Module 3 Assignment 1 Latest

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Module 3 Assignment 1

Interview a non-family member over the age of 45 and complete the Heritage Assessment from Chapter 2.

Then create a genogram, including identifying health issues (and age at death and cause of death as appropriate) for each family member to identify patterns and trends. You can use a free template, create in Word with shapes, or draw one by hand.

Write a 3 – 4 page paper, using APA format and include:

summary of Heritage Assessment

summary of genogram findings

conclusions about health risks

at least five health promotion teaching opportunities you base on the findings

Attach the Heritage Assessment and genogram as an appendix to your paper following the reference list. The 3 to 4 page range does not include The Heritage Assessment, genogram, title page, and reference page. You must use two or more scholarly references for your health promotion teaching.

Please review the rubric below to help you complete this Assignment.

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BSN437 2019 April Module 3 Assignment 1 Latest

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Preview: Father___Florida______________________________________________________________________________________ xxxxxxx mother___Africa_____________________________________________________________________________ xxxxxxx father____Africa____________________________________________________________________________ Fathers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Fathers father_____Africa____________________________________________________________________________ xxx old xxxx xxx when xxx came to xxx United States___Was xxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx How xxx were your xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx when they xxxx to xxx xxxxxx States_________________________________ xxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Father__Born in xxx US_______________________________________________________________________________ xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mothers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Fathers mother_____40____________________________________________________________________________ xxxxxxx father_____35_____________________________________________________________________________ When xxx were xxxxxxx xxx who xxxxx with you____Siblings xxx parents_____________________________________ Have xxx maintained xxxxxxx xxxx Aunts, xxxxxxx cousins __________Yes xxxxxxxxxxxx Brothers and xxxxxxx __________Yes xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx __________Yes xxxxxxxxxxxx Your own xxxxxxxx __________Yes __________No xxxx most xx xxxx family xxxx near you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx live.....
Module_3_Assignment_1.doc (116.5 KB)
Preview: chances xx the xxxxxxx getting diabetes xxxxx is a xxxx as xxxx xxx the xxxxxxx to have x regular assessment xxx process xx xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx to help xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx issues xx health that xxx influence the xxxxxxxx of xxxx xxx that xxx result in xxx patient is xxxxxxxx It xx xxxxxxxxx that xxx patient is xxxx informed of xxx need xxx xxx consideration xx the standard xx patient care xxxxxxxx available xxx xxxxx health xxxxxxxxx teaching opportunity xx to have xxx patient xxxxxx xxxxxxx exercises xxxxxxx et al xxxxxx opine that xxx strength xx xxx bones xx the body xxxxxxx on the xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxx is a xxxx for the xxxxxxxxxx providers xx xxxxx the xxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxx of taking xxxxxxx exercises xxx xxxxxx health xxxxxxxx opportunity is xxx the patient xx be xxxxxxxx xx the xxxx that he xxx and the xxxx for xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx use of xxxxxxx medication and xxxxxxxx certain xxxxxx xxxx may xxxxxxxx their chances xx effective health xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xx patient xxxx is expected xx enhance the xxxxxxxxx health xxxxxxxxx xxx fifth xxxxxxxxxxx is for xxx patient to xx taught xx xxx risks xxxx their children xxx be facing xx the xxx xx day xxxxxxxx to the xxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxx Conclusion xx xxxxxxxx it xxx be ascertained xxxx in the xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xx care, xxxxx is a xxxx for the xxxxxxxxxxxxx of.....
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