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MN577 Unit 10 Assignment Latest 2019 January

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MN577 Clinical - Womens Health Focus

Unit 10 Assignment

Final Clinical Evaluation — 300 points

This unit will contain the mandatory preceptor final evaluation in Rxpreceptor. Your preceptors will receive an automatic email from the Rxpreceptor system during week 8 and then weekly until week 9 to complete evaluations. Once it is complete, you will review it and upload to the Unit 10 Dropbox for grading. Grading will follow the scale below and will be a collaboration between your faculty and preceptor. Any area of assessment with a score of 2.4 or below will receive an entire evaluation score of 0 points as failure in any area of assessment constitutes a failing evaluation. Any element of the evaluation that states the student is not safe or is unsafe will result in a "0" for the final evaluation and failure of the course.

Final evaluation will be worth 300 points and will follow the grading rubric below:

Score of 4 to 5 = all 300 points awarded

Score of 3 to 3.9 = 240/300 points awarded

Score of 2.5 to 2.9 = 210/300 points awarded

Score of 2.4 and below = 0

Students must also complete both the evaluation of their preceptor and site for credit. The evaluations provide faculty an overview of your clinical performance and experiences with your preceptor and clinical location. The final clinical evaluation is required to pass the course.

Failure to complete all clinical hours or all associated Rxpreceptor documentation (clinical time log, patient encounter log, preceptor evaluation of student, and student evaluation of preceptor) will result in failure of the course.

[Unit 10 Assignment Dropbox]

Upload a copy of your evaluation of the preceptor and clinical site. The form can be found in Rxpreceptor.