Scope of nursing as a career-Recovered

Scope of Nursing as a Career

“The ethics incorporated into good nursing practice are more important than knowledge of the law; practicing with ethical principles saves the effort of trying to know all the laws” –Hall, J. (1996).

Nursing ethical principles are essential for any healthcare provider, as nurses have to face various complex situations from time to time in their practice. Therefore, nursing needs a code of ethics as fundamental guidance. 

There are different positions that a nurse can hold in the hospital, such as staff nurses, ward sisters, deputy nursing superintendent, director of nursing, industrial nurses, community health nurses, and many other positions. Hence nursing is the largest and the most diverse of all health care professionals. 

Guide for Nursing as a Career

Here are some tips for you if you want to make a career in nursing. 

1. Start Early

If you are interested in a nursing career, then you should begin after high school. It is still significant. It also requires the qualities of team spirit and alertness of mind to tackle emergencies. 

2. Serve Humanity

Nursing is the right career for those students who want to serve humanity. Staff nurses provide direct care to patients. They hold the responsibility of nursing, safety, and comfort management of the ward or unit. 

3. Cost of Nursing Program

 Government colleges provide the nursing programs at subsidized rates. Shorter programs for 12-18 months LPN program costs much less than the BSN nursing program, which generally takes four years.

4. Wages

The average salary of a nurse in the U.S. is expected to be $66,640 in 2017. You can earn a reasonable sum of money by becoming a dental assistant and CMA with a limited x-ray.  

5. Funding/ Scholarships

Various institutes provide scholarships to deserving students. Tuition fees, book, and supplies for LPN training typically costs $5000- $25000 at a public college. For the payments, there are various nursing scholarships, loans and grants are available. 

6. Job Prospects

First, you have to get registered. The employment of registered nurses grows from 2018 to 2028. Nurses can quickly get a job in private or government hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, orphanages, and armed forces. 

7. International Focus

Better living conditions and the right amount of money attracts experienced nurses from abroad. Improving health worldwide is a difficult task since nursing is adapting advances in technology. 

8. Demand and Supply

As the population increases, the requirement for better healthcare facilities also increases. The study projects that the economy will create 1.6 million job openings for nurses in 2020.