Healthy Habits of Eating How to Balance a Diet

Healthy Habits of Eating | How to Balance a Diet

It is advisable for everyone that they must be precise about what to eat and whatnot. Our diet must include all the required nutrients to live a healthy lifestyle. To fit all this in a nutshell, one has to know how to balance a diet that helps them adopt a healthy habit. A balanced diet is a form of diet that contains all the required nutrition in the required proportion. These nutrients include calories, proteins, minerals, and vitamins, etc.  This balanced diet ought to provide dietary fiber, antioxidants, etc. A person consuming these nutrients get calories worth:

60-70%: Carbodhydarte 

10-12%: Proteins

20-25%: Fat 

What Health Benefits Does a Balanced Diet Provide?

A balanced diet is a stable form of eating with high nutritional value:

  • provides good physical and mental health
  • Initiates proper growth
  • Increases the capacity to work
  • Provide resistance against diseases
  • increases the energy and improves the body function
  • Meet all the nutritional energy 
  • Cure diseases and prevents too like diabetes and cancer
  • A balanced diet is the cheat code for a healthy, wealthy, and wise lifestyle 

What are Healthy Eating Habits?

There are some rules to follow while learning how to adopt a healthy habit of eating. Some of these habits include:

  • Do not skip your meals. Have three major meals, i.e., Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and the snack break in between as well
  • Include seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet so that you get the nutrients that will beneficiate you as per the season
  • You must keep a check on the number of calories and fat you’re consuming to prevent putting on extra weight
  • Drink a lot of water as it will keep your body hydrated and detoxify all the present germs
  • The ratio of cereals: a protein that your body must consume amounts to 4:1
  • Cut down on the amount of caffeine, alcohol, and beverages that you consume in your everyday routine

Components of a Balanced Diet


Gives energy and supports cell growth. Protects the organs and keeps the body warm inside-out.

Main source: Fatty foods such as Butter, Ghee, Oil, and Cheese


It helps in the growth process and cures the wear and tear of the body. 

Main source: Dairy Products, Sprouts, Chicken, Egg. etc


Carbs are a good source of energy that helps in carrying out tasks. 

Main source: Rice, Wheat, Bread, and, Cereals

Minerals, Vitamins, and Fibres

Provide resistance to the body against distressing diseases such as Anemia and Goitre 

Main source: Vegetables and Fruits