Some Interesting Facts about DNA

Some Interesting Facts about DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid, often known as DNA, is a long and complex molecule that stores all the information about the genetic codes of the organisms. Every living cell has a full set of DNA in it. DNA is the primary unit of heredity in living beings. The transmission of DNA allows the transfer of certain levels of continuity from one generation to another. It still allows us to develop certain qualities to maintain the diversity of life. Every DNA strand contains the genetic code and heredity material. There are following things one must know about the DNA. Here are some interesting facts about DNA:

Length of DNA

The whole length of DNA molecules, if they get unbind, can cover 110 billion miles at a time. If all the DNA strands get unwound and linked together, they can stretch 110 billion miles, i.e., 600 times round trips to the sun. Each DNA strand is 6 feet long.

Damaged DNA

Approximately 1000 to 1 billion times every single day, the DNA got damaged in every cell but got repaired. If the damage can’t get fixed, it can cause diseases, including cancer. 

Causes of Damage

The DNA can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays light and also due to transcription error. Various other factors can cause damage to DNA, but our body repairs this damage. Some damage can’t get fixed and is known as mutations.


The mitochondria have their different DNA, and it shows that they replicate itself. The DNA of mitochondria can be used to determine maternal ancestry

Different DNAs

It is found that the person can have two different types of DNAs under certain circumstances. Some people absorb their twin in the womb and can have two different types of DNA in their body. People who receive a bone marrow transplant or other such surgery can have different DNAs.

Best Storage Device

The human DNA is the best storage device, and a single gram of DNA can store 700 terabytes of data. If we compare DNA with Panama Papers, it can only store 2.6 terabytes of data.