7 Fascinating Facts About Magnetic Field

Earth’s magnetic field emerged from by currents flowing in Earth’s outer core. The magnetic poles are always moving. According to NASA, the magnetic field weakened since the 19th century. In a few millions of years, the magnetic field completely flips and swap place with north and south poles. 

The magnetic field of the Earth is changing in other ways too. According to a professor at the Australian National University, Andrew Roberts says that in the ancient past when the field reversed, the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field decreased by 90%. When the charged particles get trapped in Earth’s magnetic field, they moved to the air molecules above the magnetic poles, and that is why they glow. This phenomenon is known as auroras.

Facts About Earth’s Magnetic Field

Here are some fascinating facts about Earth’s magnetic field

Brain Control

One of the strangest things about Earth’s magnetic field is brain control. Scientists remotely activated brain cells in mice. The main aim of this experiment is to know the purpose of brain circuits. 

Wormhole for Magnets

Physicists created a wormhole with the magnetic field. It connects two points in space and time. Before its creation wormholes were famous in fiction but it was for the first time that it became a reality. 

Uranus’s Field Shreds Constantly

Uranus cannot keep things together, which comes to its magnetic fields. The study revealed that it is the wacky process due to which Uranus’s magnetic field shreds. Since magnetic fields around planets create shields against the bombardment of Sun’s radiation similarly like the Earth’s magnetic field. 

Pillars of Creation

Magnetic force slowed down gas and cosmic dust. Due to the magnetic field, the structures remained stable. And in 1995, the Hubble Space Telescope founded the “Pillars of Creation”. The gas resembled massive pillars. 

Earth’s Magnetic Field

Researchers discovered that the Earth has two magnetic fields. The Earth’s molten core created the first magnetic field that wrapped Earth. The second accidentally discovered when the European Space Agency (ESA) launched three satellites.  

Drifting West

Earth’s magnetic field is sailing west. Scientists believed that it is due to the crest of waves as they are in the west direction. Before releasing these findings, ESA studied the phenomenon for about four years. 

New Magnetic Environment

According to researchers, Sun’s particles eventually causes the magnetic field to snap due to the magnetic field and solar wind. It releases energy from solar winds and creates a problem for spacecraft and satellites. 

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