6 Tips for Writing Annotated Bibliography in APA Format

6 Tips for Writing Annotated Bibliography in APA Format

While reading a book or an article, or any documents of the same kind, there is a brief citation that summarizes the relevance of the source. This citation is a 150 words description that informs the reader and assures them about the accuracy of the information they’re reading. So, if you intend to write a book or article with a purpose of publication, you ought to know how o write an annotated bibliography in APA format. To help you write like a professional, here are six tips on annotated bibliography writing.

Summarize the Source of Information

The annotated bibliography is set by summarizing the source from which the information has been collected. In this part, the writer tends to give a list of the source sites from which the information has been cited. The right format of citing the source is by giving the URL address or name of the text of the source site and the name of the author.

Write an In-depth Analysis

Another tip for writing an annotated bibliography is to present an in-depth analysis of the annotated bibliography, including your perspective of the author’s overview and his focus points. That is, put your foot in the author’s shoe while writing the concerned bibliography. This way, you’ll be able to quote your point-of-view with the author’s work understanding. 

Evaluate the Topic and Source

The topic that you choose to write the annotated bibliography must come from a relevant source. Evaluate your topic and source to get the right choice. This tip ensures that whichever topic the writer uses for the annotation is present for real and is relevant throughout. This way, the reader will believe in the originality of the topic and will evaluate it the right way. 

Don’t Put a Space After Citation

While writing an annotated bibliography in an APA format, there is no need to insert a space after writing the citation. This tip is an official guideline that the American Psychological Association cites for writing the bibliography. If you want to get approval for your documentation, avoid putting a space after writing the annotated bibliography.

Write a Precise Paragraph

In an annotated bibliography Format APA, the paragraph should be precise with not more than 200 words in total. Make it as exact as possible. As per the APA guidelines, the word limit for an annotated bibliography lies between 150-200 words. So, pay heed to the required length of the paragraph by writing the summary of what you intend to say. Don’t turn up writing stories, instead be to the point. 

Insert a Critical Analysis

Since you’re describing the life of another individual, you must put a critical analysis of your individual perspective. That is, throughout your bibliography, you’ll be depicting the work of the author so your ideas and their ideas will be like-minded at some point. So, inserting your critical analysis will give your readers an individual perspective of your opinion on the topic. 

Following these six tips for writing an annotated bibliography will help you write like a professional and gain your reader’s appraisal.