Types of Accountant That You Can Become in Future

Types of Accountant That You Can Become in Future

It seems like every industry is changing. So if you are planning to make a career in accounting or already in accounting, knowing different types of accountant fields will definitely work. The accounting industry is a very vast and never-ending job field. There are numerous jobs in this field which we are going to discuss here. But before that, also check some of the related posts that might help you. 

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From here, you can plan to make a career in different fields of accountancy. 

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

CPA is the type of accountant which has the highest competence in the accountancy field across the globe. Its exam is monitored by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). If you want an eminent career CPA is the best option for you. 

Course Eligibility 

For appearing in the CPA exam, you must have any of the following degrees:

  • Master of Commerce
  • MBAs
  • Chartered Accountant

Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants or the FBI have to deal with complex challenges with every assignment. Theta re like special agents who keep America safe from tracing money related to criminal activity and national security matters. FBI works for the whole United Nations. There are 56 FBI Field Offices or work in a Division at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. They have their own FBI training program at the FBI academy. 


Auditors have to prepare and examine financial records. They have to work full time for more than 40 hours per week. Besides this, at the end of the budget year, they have to do overtime. But the median annual wage of an auditor is around $71,550. The auditors have to examine the overall economic growth. Thus you must study hard if you want to become an auditor in the future. 

Management Account

Accountants who want to become a certified management accountant have to pass the CMA exam. Also, after passing the exam, they are eligible to become a chief financial officer for becoming management accountant you must-have skills like critical thinking, leadership, and so on. Also, you must be well aware of the technological advancement that can help you with the work. 

Cost Accountant

For becoming a cost accountant, you must have a bachelor’s degree and strong statistical/mathematical skills. It is the standard education for an entry-level position. However, if you are planning for advanced positions, then you must have a master’s degree or MBA which focuses on accounting. 


Thus you can plan your career choices from the list mentioned above. If you need any for passing the entrance test for these exams, you can rely on us. Besides this, you can take Accounting assignment help from us, to make your learning easier.