Research Topic On Biology

Research Topic On Biology | Choose The Best Research Topic.

“Science of life” is all that biology is. There are various research topics on Biology as from bacteria to sharks it studies everything. Do you know how insects digest their food? Do white blood cells exist in fishes as well? How does the human brain work positively? The world is full of such buzzing topics, so it’s easy to find research topics on Biology.

It becomes easier to choose a research topic on biology subject once you find:

  • What’s the area of research that interests you?
  • What new and exciting things could you bring out for your audience?
  • The relevance of the chosen subject to the study.

After checking your topic through these three aspects, your research topic on biology is ready.

What Are The Areas Of Research Topic On Biology?

Microbiology: those living organisms that can not be seen with naked eyes, such as bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi, prions, protozoa, and algae, collectively known as ‘microbes.’ Its study is known as Microbiology.

Anatomy:  the study of the structure of tissues as well as organs ( body parts such as muscles, heart, brain, bladder, kidneys, etc.) is known as Anatomy.

Cell and Molecular biology: DNA, RNA, protein, lipids, carbohydrates, and many macromolecules in addition cells study is included in cell and molecular biology.

Environmental biology: studying ecosystems to determine how natural and human-altered ecosystems impact organisms, species, and communities.

Marine biology. the research on how life in water/sees works.

Botany: various research topics could be included in plant biology because botany is all about plants.

Evolutionary Biology: all Organisms create, merge, and delete genes; they are closely studied under evolutionary biology.

Developmental Biology: a study of tissue, regeneration, and cell growth.

Epidemiology: where does a disease originate from? How does it transmit? What risks are there? These all factors come under epidemiology.

These are the areas where you could find your interest in a research topic on biology.You can easily choose your field of interest and then move ahead to find the perfect research topic on biology.

Some critical research topics on biology these days :

  1. Brain Injuries and Related Disorders.
  2. Neuroscience in Robotic Technologies.
  3. Oil Spill Effects on Ocean Wildlife.
  4. Natural Disease Resistance in Plants.
  5. Presentation on Abortion Law & Society’s Perspective in the USA.
  6. The Biological Insights of Abortion.
  7. Is Homosexuality Genetically Based?
  8. Should Human Cloning Be Legal?
  9. How Hormones Contribute to Depression.
  10. Human Immune System and Its Resistance Capabilities.

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